What happened during the incoherent period from the 25th down to the 1st.

7:49 AM

 If you’re looking to find a diary entry of what transpired during the awkward days after Christmas before NY, you’re in the right blog entry. 

Blog, lol, something that might seem alien give it 2 years. I actually feel bad as to why people stopped blogging. I used to read entries from content creators I only follow on Instagram. Going through people’s blogs felt intimate, looking past one liner captions and phrases. 

I am also not as active as I used to be, I must admit. I have found no motivation to write and I am in no way going to push myself to do it just to tick off something from the to do list (though I am guilty.) I’ve been busy reading and watching films, day drinking and spiraling down to the abyss we call Tiktok (learning a lot from the app too). 

The last week of 2020 I’ve been trying to drastically bring down my screen time because I’ve been spending 9 hours on my phone? It’s crazy! I can’t blame myself, I work using this device, I research, I learn, I list, but man that’s 9 hours of being on your phone, what does that sound to you?

(The closest thing we have to a Christmas tree is this festive plant.)

I picked up a book gifted to me after I washed the dishes for a week during ecq. 🥴 I’ve been reading Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo. The terminologies will drown you, that’s for sure. There’s so much magic here, there is hope. 

Have you seen 'What I Eat in a Week' videos on Youtube? They are my current obsession that it drove me to make one. it dawned on me that this will not work out the way I want it to because sometimes I eat the same food for an entire week. I am not a fan of roasted pig we serve on special occasions, I’ve been stuffing my mouth with pica pica, mainly hummus, shrimp roe cream cheese dip, Turrón and sometimes lasagna and cold cuts but that’s about it! 

I’m super excited for two things, first is my film scans, I have a bad habit of forgetting the photos I took so they always come as a surprise. The next one would be the collaboration with Xiaomi, they gifted me a phone, which I will be giving my dad as a Christmas gift, and a security camera for the house! Thinking of how to position products sometimes can be a little bit overwhelming most especially when it’s time bound, but yes I am not complaining, blessings are blessings. 

People who’ve read my blog have always pointed out how I write the way I speak, so when they read my entries, it feels like they could hear my voice. 

I don’t know how to end this, I’ve been watching period films to make up for all the thrillers I’ve read this December. I’m actually in the middle of one, let me just press play, see you in my next blog.

Top: Shein

Bottom: Zara

Belt: Forever21 

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