Halloween Books I Read As A Kid

12:29 AM

This tote is filled with books I read as a kid on Halloween (let's pretend how I 
don't read horror books all year long). 

I used to be a Catholic school girl and our teacher would read to us TPGS on breaks, so I begged my mom to buy me copies every month, I sure wish I still score copies at this day and age because I found that book really really scary, perhaps it was because I was a child or it could be because it was close to home.

Goosebumps  a staple, Halloween or not, really fun to read. I've read every single one of them. Very creative, very fun. 

Nancy Drew, iconic, a fave character. She has mysteries that are also scary, after graduating from Scooby Doo Where Are You, this was a good second step, solving mysteries has always been a source of entertainment ever since I was a kid. 

The National Bookestore in Dumaguete used to be 2 stories in Portal, I found the complete copy of Spiderwick while I was sitting by the stairs waiting for my mom to pick me up, it was my first experience with plot twists. One of my faves too. I remember splurging on it, sacrificing 2 weeks with no bacon just so I could get a copy cos it was already the complete set compiled. There are eccentric characters here that you will surely love. 

Not the best, but entertaining enough for a child

Let's talk about how beautiful the cover is. How inviting it is to be part of their clique. Insert *vampire girl* (only people on Tiktok will get this hahaaha)

The Well is about a kid's adventure on how to not get eaten by the creature living there. The tale is inspired by Hamlet, putting a creepy twist on a classic. The Cellar is about a girl who falls in love with the dead, Romeo and Juliet + Zombie. 

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