Quarantine Journals: Unlocking Creativity

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I found this thing online called The Isolation Journals by Suleika Jaouad, something that I’ve been subscribed to for a long time but never had the energy and headspace to actually follow what’s written in the prompt. 

To give a brief background, it’s a global movement cultivating community and creativity during challenging times. It’s a daily creative project where they send a prompt through your email in hopes to inspire you to do one creative act per day.

The prompt for Day 96:

Set a timer for one minute and make a list of all the things that help you feel creatively unlocked—the sources you reach for, the tools you need, the objects that inspire you, the workspace and routines that feel generative. Then, write about what this list reveals about you and your creative process.

This is the first prompt that I finally did and here’s what I came up with given that I only had a minute to jot them down: books, films, a clean workspace, making lists, coffee, Pinterest, Thoughtcatalog, white, green, showers, art, photos, notebooks & Muji pens, IG, Tiktok & YT videos. 

Allow me to elaborate in brief descriptions. 

Books: There is magic in books, power in imagination, there is love, and then there’s you, enveloped in your own thoughts. Reading a book is like opening a faucet with creative juices coming out. 

Films: A cinephile would never leave this out. 

A clean workspace: Probably a Virgo thing.

Making Lists:  Being a completist, making lists pushes me to get things done so I can tick them off the list. 

Coffee: Placebo fuel that works just fine. 

Pinterest: For photo inspos 

ThoughtCatalog: For stories

White: There’s a reason why my room is white

Green: in nature, I find peace. I used to bike in our garden at 6PM, allowing my imagination to roam free with made up stories, playing pretend. 

Showers: Do you sing or dance? I act made up movie scenes in the shower. 

Art: In most forms, except music. 

Photos: Something I do on the daily. I used to take photographs of animals, transitioned to architecture and now food. 

Notebooks & Muji Pens: Having the need to write everything! 

IG, Tiktok and YT Videos: I swear these sites are inspiration hubs if you know where to look. 

What’s yours? 

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