15 Caption Worthy Lines From One of My Favorite Books

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I am not fond of rereading books that I’ve finished but somehow this quarantine has got me spiraling down to picking up We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. 

And man, after reading the first few pages, all the memories came rushing back. I remember having so many photo captions referencing back to this book. Now here I am, in the most Cadence Sinclair get up I could think of, giving you a rundown of the best lines taken from the book.

  1. It was love and it hit me so hard I leaned against the screen door that still stood between us, just to stay vertical.
  2. “Do you want a flashlight?” I ask. “Oh, no. I like the dark.”
  3. The universe was good because he was in it. 
  4. Never take a seat at the back of the room, winner’s sit up front. 
  5. We were warm and shivering, and young and ancient, and alive.
  6. “The universe is seemingly huge right now,” he told me. “I need something to hold on to.”
  7. and in that one moment, with the sunlight from the window shining in on him, the apples on the kitchen counter, the smell of wood and ocean in the air, I did call it love. 
  8. No one likes a waffler
  9. I am expressing my feelings, Johnny. That is what being a living, breathing human being is about. 
  10. Touching him is familiar and unfamiliar. We have been here before. Also we have never been here before. 
  11. Be a little kinder than you have to.
  12. the sharp pain of unrequited love invites the migraine in. 
  13. You could die. You could get hurt. If you are terrified, there’s probably a good reason. You should trust your impulse.
  14. Do not accept an evil you can change.
  15. See the world as it is, not as you wish it would be. 

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