50 item quarantine to-do list

9:42 AM

If you’re fortunate or let’s say lucky enough to stay in (please do so), here’s a 50 item list of things you can do to keep you sane — accompanied by stock photos of when I was back home, during the break because the urge to go home's unstoppable. Before reading the list, please take time to pray for our countrymen, frontliners, for the people who are most affected, for the fellow Filipinos who have to go out, exposing themselves because of work since they have mouths to feed. Also if there is any way you can help others, kindly do so. If anything, I hope we all step out of this quarantine being the bigger person. 

Just as I thought 2020 was getting better, we went spiraling down an abyss of uncertainty. I don't wanna write down my feelings I don't know where to start TBH. If we had better leaders, this situation would've been handled better. Too bad the people I actually voted for (except for the VP) didn't win, I mean just take a look at some our senators for example, even the president (worst administration if you ask me). Anyway, this entry isn't meant for that so let us skip this first and go straight to why you're here. 

  1. Learn a new language. Download PDFs. Scribd has a one month trial and they have audiobooks, go check it out. You can even learn it through Spotify! I also use this app called Duolingo, it helps! 
  2. Sunbathing.
  3. Go on a virtual museum tourhttps://www.travelandleisure.com/attractions/museums-galleries/museums-with-virtual-tour
  4. Go back to old hobbies. Perhaps you can draw again, revisit your coloring book, paint maybe? You can also actually learn something new. Go back to writing. 
  5. Basic: Pick up a book. Oh you don’t have one? Join my book club. I’ll give you books to read.
  6. Set up your projector, play music videos or a stream a concert and dance the night away. Don't forget to set up the strobe lights (from Youtube) to set the mood.
  7. Do something nourishing for your hair, there are recipes online for hair masks with ingredients  you can find from your cupboard.
  8. If you’re lucky enough to be with your family, host a game night. 
  9. If you live alone and you still wanna play games, download 94%, Hungry Shark, what else, Insaniquarium, if you’re an extrovert in need of socializing, go get Choices, Episodes.
  10. Scream into a pillow or make forts.
  11. Start a side hustle! 
  12. Set up a day to party with friends through FaceTime or wherever, so get dressed, turn the speakers up, pretend you’re at the bar, and bust out some fresh moves. 
  13. Clean your bathroom like you’re cleaning a crime scene. 
  14. Organize desk, organize room, organize pantry. 
  15. Do I sound chore-ry now? Here are a few series suggestions on Netflix if you’re up for watching with subtitles: Elite, Quicksand, Money Heist, Locked Up, Cable Girls and maybe CLOY, Historia de un Crimen: Night Out, Marianne. 
  16. If you can’t get past that small barrier of reading subtitles then try the following: The Circle, The Haunting of Hill House, I am Not Ok with This, The Sinner (SEASON 1 ONLY) How to Get Away with Murder, You, Dead to Me, Love Death & Robots, The Assassination of Gianni Versace, Black Summer, The Act (Hulu), Big Little Lies (NOT ON NETFLIX BUT RLY WORTH WATCHING SO DOWNLOAD THIS)
  17. Thriller/Suspense/Horror Films: Hereditary, Contratiempo, Uninvited, Goodnight Mommy, Alone, Amityville Horror, Dead Silence. 
  18. Artsy/Weird/Indie Films: WIJ, Midsommar, Moonrise Kingdom, Coraline, Birdshot, On the Job, Roma
  19. Generally good films: Jojo Rabbit, Parasite, Knives Out, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Vicky Christina Barcelona, Little Women, The Little Rascals, Matilda, The Craft.
  20. NOW THAT WE’RE PAST THE MOVIES AND SERIES LIST and you wanna get up from your couch, there are a couple of fitness coaches online who share fitness videos on IG, @chiplopez_healthcoach and @ralphthegoodboy to name a few, if you wanna still stay in shape, then watch their videos and workout. 
  21. There’s also an app called Downdog, they offer yoga classes, hiit. 
  22. Learn how to dance (if you don’t know how), learn a new routine and I don’t mean just Tiktok. YouTube is your teacher. This is also a good way to sweat it out if you’re bored of working out. 
  23. Delete photos, transfer files to hard drive. 
  24. JOURNAL. Go to Pinterest for inspo, make mood boards. If you have activity/coloring books you might want to go back to it again, it'll stop you from feeling anxious. 
  25. Take crash courses lagi, kapoya balik balik, what do you find interesting? What do you want to improve on. 
  26. Learn a song in another language. 
  27. Paint your nails, as for men, even if you’re not going out, still cut your nails (especially toe nails). 
  28. Fix your closet, maybe you can try arranging them by color, get rid of clothes you no longer use. 
  29. Meditate. 
  30. Make a short film —indoor. An experimental film might work too!  
  31. Make lists: Places you wanna go, things you wanna try, mountains you wanna climb, films you wanna see, people you wanna meet, perhaps make a bucket list too. 
  32. Write a book. 
  33. Watch the sunrise, or the sunset. 
  34. Learn self defense online. 
  36. Learn how to cook, if you know how, then go test out a new recipe. I’ve been seeing a lot of people trying to recreate Dalgona Coffee, maybe that then and something else. 
  37. Beer pong in the morning, use cups of water so you get a head start with the 8 glasses of water a day thing we kinda believe in.
  38. Check your closet and plan outfits for the next 2 months.
  39. Create playlists!
  40. Stargaze.
  41. Start a morning routine. 
  42. Listen to podcasts. 
  43. Get to know yourself more through quizzes, or Myers-Briggs type indicator. 
  44. Make smoothies. 
  45. Minimize lounging around IG or Twitter, go to Bustle instead read more blogs. 
  46. If you really want to watch a movie with friends, download Netflix Party, when you click that extension, there’s a URL you can send to your friends, then you can watch the movie together. 
  47. Fix your sleeping time and get 8 hours. 
  48. Catch up with people you wanna talk to. 
  49. Go camping in your garden, or picnic in the living room.
  50. Light a candle, pray. 

I can seriously go up to a hundred and I don’t understand why a lot of people are bored to death, there’s so much to do, so much to live for, go find a real hobby and let's keep entertaining ourselves! 😉

I would love to do all of them, but I’m not in my room so everything that I own, activity books, painting materials, I have 0 access. Guess I’m sticking to a hell lot of reading and copying dances online, that’s the initial plan. What's yours?

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