5 Lessons I Had to Learn the Hard Way This Month

5:27 PM

February wtf, slight improvements from January though, some of the things I listed here I experienced first hand the rest I watched from a far and took note. It was still a beautiful and eventful month.

1. “The more that I’m surrounded with older people especially at work, the more I realize that we’re all just kids in adult bodies.” — Kr. February was a drama fest. I grew up thinking after high school and college I will finally graduate from petty fights, damn was I so wrong! Turns out maturity doesn’t come with age at all and I am somehow still in awe of the things I hear about others, the things I experience first hand — if only most of us would act professionally and deal with situations like sound adults, I feel that this city would be more peaceful. 

2. There is a certain level of sadness that comes along with an injury. I tried running again and my knee injury came back with a loud bang. It’s upsetting when you’re used to doing really athletic shit and now you can barely run, you can’t even squat without nursing another painful episode. Lesson: TAKE BREAKS. 

3. Don’t take things personally. You could be really good in your craft but still get shit results because of things beyond your control. There will be people in your workplace trying to take you down for no reason at all, even if you’re there for them they still bite you in the back (and have the audacity to convince you to stay on their side). The thing is, the power of the good can take down what’s evil, and you can watch them crumble down from your own pair of eyes, and regardless of how sad the situation is for them, you can’t help but slowly clap, Karma, no one can really stop you my bitch. If you take things personally it might take a huge toll on your mental health. If they’re bad to you, it's cause bad they are bad people, the things they do reflects on who they are, not you — sucks to be incompetent and insecure. 

4. When they leave, you don’t beg them to stay. You open your windows, you let the crow out.You can’t light a used match, go scratch the box again and see if it works. You won’t find magic where you lost it. You don’t make promises you can’t keep, your good heart should stop hoping.

5. “Keep relationships with everyone at a safe distance.” — V2. You will have companions with attitude problems or it could be you! Being more patient with them can somehow ease the burden but learn when to put your foot down. It gets exhausting having to tolerate rude and unreasonable attitude just because they feel that their astrology gives them the permission —nothing will ever justify bad behavior. Some instances will make you question if you’re the problem or perhaps you’re letting the wrong ones in, keep relationships at a safe distance, it helps. 

Photos by: Kathrynne
Sunglasses: Gucci
Watch: Disney Invicta, my best friend Ana's birthday gift! I love it you can change the straps
Top: Weekend by MaxMara
Bottom: Jag

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