7 Toxic Traits to Say Goodbye to

10:15 PM

1. Defending yourself from people who never take your side anyway.

If he/she makes you feel like it’s you against the world, if everyone around you is correct except for you, if he/she never takes your side it’s about time to say good f*cking bye to his/her whole play pretend of constructive criticisms for he/she is obviously destroying you and what you think about yourself. It’s good to have someone call you out once in a while, it helps you be a better individual but if he/she/it/they constantly chooses other people over you, even when you know you’re right, teaching you how to be a person, how to act a certain way when you of all people have been groomed to be a decent individual then drop that trash. Who needs low self esteem and more anxieties in 2020? Not me.

2. Putting up with shit you don’t deserve

If they beg you to lower rates to cut cost just because they “don’t have a budget and your task is not that hard anyway” then let them do it themselves and walk away empty handed because you obviously should not waste any more time putting up with these people especially since they evidently do not respect artists and people who work for them in general. Do not be associated with brands/companies like that. Quality work should always be compensated.


3. Bad Phone habits

Sometimes this isn’t something we can get away with most especially if our job requires us to be on social media most of the time. Know when to take breaks, know when to put the phone down. Set limits, live, exist and try not to be on your phone 24/7.

4. Body shaming

There has been a wave of body positivity circulating in the wrong places, glorifying obesity, shaming people who are stick thin and vice versa. This shouldn't be the case this 2020, we should embrace our imperfections along with identifying areas we can improve on. Ask questions like am I eating healthy? Am I living a healthy lifestyle? If we're all about body positivity now and loving our body, then we should also protect it and take care of it, accepting for what it is all the while improving to be the best version of yourself.

5. Not getting enough sleep plus sweating the small stuff

Try to breathe. Try to get as much sleep as you can, because it really really really helps to get 8 hours. Trust me.

6. Call out culture, cancelled culture

Please learn and explore the art of comprehension. Know the fine line between bullying and constructive criticism. Like this girl Ella A., talked shit about a new cafe in Dumaguete rant rant rant on Twitter for clout and guess what? I see her in that café months after like lol Ella A. eat shit. Though it’s taxing to call out, exhausting to care enough and give her attention she likes so as much as it would be evil nice to cancel, there is no point unless, unless if he’s a predator, condoning inappropriate behaviors, cancel them and put them to jail. 😉

7. Postponing tasks

If you can do it today then finish it.

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