Trying Out Lash Liner (First Tattoo Experience)

7:38 AM

Hi guys, welcome back to Afternoons with Ari! Aaaaand this afternoon we will be talking about lash liners. I went to Winked and tried the lash liner. For those of you who don't know what Winked does, go to their ig account: Winked

If you’re too lazy, let me just put it here:

I’ve done their Yumi Lashes, full review right here:

I actually did my own research before going and I’ve read mixed reviews! Some people said that it was painful, some ticklish. In my personal experience it stings but it wasn’t painful, imagine a pen being drawn (gtech). It’s a weird sensation but I swear it’s not painful. Before the procedure they numb your eyes (anesthesia application) so basically your eyes are heavy even after the procedure and it swells too but just for half the day. It was the numbing part that took time. That night, it felt a bit itchy and my eyes were still heavy. The results were amazing though. 

All services are personally performed by the owner who is internationally trained and certified.

Here’s are the don’ts and the tips in bullet form so we can all easily digest the information. 

•Don’t wear contacts during the procedure. You can wear them after 3 days. 
•You can’t wash your eyes for 3 days which means you can’t put make up on. 
•You can’t sweat for three days. I made sure to book my appointment on a day where I didn’t have to teach indoor cycling for the next three days. However, after 3 months on our second session (retouch), I didn’t have to worry about the sweating part because I’m injured, so I was forced to rest for 4 weeks. 
•Do not scratch it or pick on the scabs. 
•The lash liner can last up to a year, depending on the lifestyle, the way you take care of your self, your skin type, so if you’re a swimmer it might not last as long as someone who’s not. 

So yeah this is my first tattoo!! Wohooo. I was acutally a bit scared cos I’m allergic to dyes, one time I had a hena tattoo (I know it’s way different but let me put it out there for the heck of story time) my skin erupted — like it melted and it hurt so bad since it burned my skin. Thankfully I had no allergic reactions, I personally love temporary makeup, the lazy girl’s dream actually. I love Mikee, she’s the owner who also does the procedure and she’s someone I can really trust considering she’s so good at her craft. 

If you wanna wake up to beautiful eyes, you know where to go! 

Photos by Kathrynne (hands down, a very good photographer so check out her portfolio)

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