Starbucks Location: Our Ancestral House!

2:37 AM

4 years ago we shot my thriller short film here and I’m just rly happy of what Dakong Balay has become and I’m so thrilled that we got Starbucks and so proud of the people working behind it. I remember how everyone was secretly excited for the project and now it’s finally here!! This house surely does have a lot of history going on. 

Fun fact: This used to be my mom’s room for a while and she used to chill in this balcony to smoke back in the day! Hahah, they used to sneak out here with the help of cans and my late grandmother. This 83 yo house is so rich in history that a simple blogpost is not enough. You picked the best location, congrats Starbucks. 😉 Also cheers S.L. Teves Realty!

Outfit: Shoes: Nike
           Dress: F21

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