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This is basically how I lost a huge chunk of belly fat and ways you can too. 

Disclaimer: I am not a dietician, nor was I trained to do anything else except teach an indoor cycling class, so please, I am an indoor cycling instructor and I’ll cut it there, everything is solely based on MY FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE. I also hate diets. I really can’t. If you wanna know how I did finally get rid of a big insecurity then read on. ALSO, MY BELLY IS STILL NOT FLAT. I sometimes bloat. I still have a bulge most especially when I sit, but it’s way better now than it ever was before, but I still have a long way to go in getting those abs. I’m not gonna b*llshit you saying it was a breeze, help me, it wasn’t. Exercise wasn’t the hard part, it was eating clean.

  1. Substitute cow’s milk to almond milk. I am that kid who drinks milk every single day. The moment I met Almond Milk, everything changed for me. I got hooked so my fridge is all filled with it. I never actually did think this was going to make a huge difference, but it did, so I’ll keep going. Also, you gotta remember “if it’s not your mom, it’s not your milk.”
  2. I trained 4-6 hours a day. Before becoming an indoor cycling instructor, I trained for about a month and it really played a huge part but I also think that the mental and emotional stress I was put into was part of why I lost SO MUCH WEIGHT —however that was like, 6 months ago, so what I did to maintain is to workout at least 3-4 times a week (because I have to teach hahaha). Cardio is key, strengthening workouts too. For it to work, you gotta spend at least 45 mins for cardio (no stoping).
  3. Cut milk tea, coffee, etc. LIES! I surely did lessen my milk tea intake though, well basically I cut off drinks, not that I ever was a fan of coffee too but cutting drinks from your life helps. If you can’t completely cut them out, substitution is key. I have my matcha tea here, so when I was addicted, I used to make my own matcha milk tea, which I believe was an inch better because it didn’t have as much sugar. 
  4. Don’t drink sodas, Iced Tea or beer. Was never and will never be a fan of beer *pukes out carbs. With soft drinks though, I’m too frugal to order from a restaurant. I will take a sip from my dad’s or my boyfriend’s glass once in a while but since I’m alone 70% of the time, soft drinks? Not an option. 
  5. Make breakfast smoothies. It’s not very nice of you to skip breakfast, Sally. 
  6. Keep substituting. Eating yogurt instead of ice cream. :(
  7. Hydrating instead of munching on everything I see in my room. Nuff said. 
  8. Cook your own meals. I wanna know what I put inside my mouth, and preparing it is something I do most of the time considering that I work from home. 
  9. Don’t eat so much rice. Never really was a fan of rice so this came easy, especially since I don’t know how to cook them. I cup a day is enough, or non at all. 
  10. Eat veg. Well ya, salad is nice until you get hungry 5 seconds later.

I still drink once in a while, very rarely. I eat trash and torture myself with a good workout. Try not to deprive yourself from anything or starve yourself either. Take it day by day.  I’ve had nights before where I starve myself because somebody said I gained too much weight, but yes whatever, I hope you achieve the weight you desire, just stay healthy, that's all. These are just tips IF YOU WANNA lose weight, no way am I suggesting that you do. Getting the wrong idea here goes to show the level of comprehension skills one's at. Bye. 

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