Holy grails, for real.

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Clean it Zero Double Cleansing Set from Banila Co.  You know how tiring it is when you get home from a party, drunk and holding on to dear life for sleep is grabbing you by the neck and you still had to WASH YOUR FACE from all the makeup? Now, let me start from the beginning. Growing up I was only allowed to use Cetaphil because it was the safest, and my skin was a sensitive b*tch, so I stuck to it for the longest time, it wasn’t harsh, it was what I needed, or so I thought. I had a tiny problem though, it wasn’t strong enough to take out my makeup, so I had to use cold cream, micellair water, oils and the like. Sometimes I go out at night to party without makeup because the thought of getting it off me was draining already, waterproof eyeliner, mascara, something that’ll take so much of your time trying to take out. Then I bumped into this product in the mall and I figured I should get a set, the reviews were good anyway. Now I’ve been using the foaming wash with or without makeup, my then after party makeup removal routine that took 10 minutes is now chopped down to 3 minutes. I thought it was drying, at first, but then you have toners to help. Plus it smells so good. The price is reasonable, since you’re getting the whole pack. The balm melts your makeup and I'm not kidding when I say it only takes one tissue swipe to remove the makeup. It takes out everything from a face, even its spirit

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. I took 2 steps back after looking at the price in Sephora for something a small as this. Bought it anyway because I was desperate. After trying it on my always chapped lips on that very night, I woke up to the smoothest kissers ever! My lipstick never looked that good on my lips. It comes with a spatula which makes it very convenient to use. You apply this before going to bed, it moisturizes your lips and removes the dead skin cells. 

Pieles Muy Secas: Con Aceite de Oliva. This lotion is from Spain and damn, it smells so so so  good, it makes your skin glow, my mom is currently hoarding them, she uses it after she showers from the beach and her tan, man it surely does make her glow! 

Happy Skin Belle Moisturizing Lippie - I only got this cos I like Belle merch, periodt. I was so excited that I put it on a dimly lit tea place and regretted it. I remember being with Jean, she got the same one. When we went out and saw how it was outside, that’s when I knew the shade was bomb. Well in my lips, it’s like a darker shade of your everyday look, I’m totally fine with that, I can wear it everyday. The thing I adore the most about this product is the consistency, the texture, the feel of it when it’s on your lips, it’s creamy, I feel like I’m wearing tinted lip balm, unlike any lipstick this doesn’t leave your lips dying of thirst, they even remain hydrated. When I posted this on my IG Story, I got a lot of feedback from random people who I don’t even know, asking me where I got them because you can’t buy this anymore. 

Vintage and Co Hand Cream. Do you ever buy things because they remind you of someone? I just bought a hand cream, a pricy one. I don't even like hand creams to begin with. I mean, what is it for really? My hands are soft, and fragrant? Haha! So I found myself walking around the fragrance section in Rustan's, in the middle of a hectic day. Why was I there? I have no idea. So yeah, I bought this hand cream 🤦🏻‍♀️ which smells like my grandma and I just miss her, that's all. When she passed away, I stole all her bottles of perfume because as a kid, being drenched in the smell made me feel her presence. 

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Photos by Marr Medel

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