3 Must Try Services at Beauty Getaway

5:14 AM

1. Hydraboost Facial 
Price: P1,200

When they say it’s the queen of all facials, believe them. It starts with cleansing and then they steam your face, followed by the toner, then pricking your skin to get rid of the black heads, they then proceed with high frequency, hydration and deep cleansing through Vortex Technology, oxygenation with serums, bipolar radio frequency, cold hammer to close your pores, ending it by putting sunblock on your face. In the middle of your procedure your face is going to turn red, tomato red but right after that you feel so fresh. The day after the facial is when you start glowing. 

If you decide to get the facial first thing in the morning, make sure you don’t wash your face for 8 hours, don’t go to the beach a day after, would also be nice if you do it at the end of the day because it’s so relaxing. 

2. Legs and Underarm Laser + Whitening 
Price: Underarm - 600 per session
Half legs - 850 per session 
Underarm Whitening - 600 

I got immediate results for underarm whitening, 3-4 sessions and it’s as white as ever. I also found out that the discoloration was caused by my deo, and changing it really did help as well as exfoliating once every two weeks. For the laser, it took me more than ten sessions, but that’s because I’m very “hairy” and I started shaving when I was a kid. Don’t wax them though if you decide to have them lasered, you gotta stick through it till you don’t see hair no more.

My legs were faster because my hair wasn’t as thick. Same thing goes, try not to wash it or put lotion for 8 hours. The next day make sure you put because it gets really itchy considering you shaved them the day before. 

3. Beauty Drip
Beauty Drip: 1,800
Immunity Boost: 650

Back then, I would get this all the time. The Vitamin & Beauty Drip sessions have made a huge difference on my skin. If you wanna know more about the drips here’s my take on it: Beauty Drip ReviewI was able to party without having to put make-up on. Whenever I had a big event coming, I would always get the drip. It helps, it makes you look less tired. When I’m sick, I also get immunity boost to help me get better. 

Beauty Getaway is located at Maryville Place, Corner C. Rosal and Acacia Street Escario Cebu City. 

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