An Army of Lipsticks

2:34 AM

Blogger mail! Guess who has the complete set of Fluffmattes? Sunnies Face I love you to death, thank you for sending them over. Since I finally have everything, here’s what I feel about each shade, what it did or when I would use it. 

Also, check out their green jelly pouch, been using it all the time and it's so aesthetically pleasing, don't you think? 

Note: The next few photos are series of me, wearing the lippies. Photos aren’t edited and has no filter so you can see the real color. No makeup here, just Fluffmattes! 
Milk Shake - So there’s this guy, and we’re going out for brunch, and I’m hoping my lipstick’s gonna last as long as this infatuation, but incase if it doesn’t I don’t want the lack of it to be really obvious. 

Baked - Summer in the car with the windows down. Resident cool girl. 

Hot Sauce – Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday happy birthday, happy birthday to you. 
Mood - BIG FAT MOOD, today’s been rough so don’t talk to me, I have a long and busy day ahead and no, I’m not sipping coffee. Do I look like I have my life together? Please see lipstick. 

Girl Crush  – Good morning! Today’s going to be a great day. I am so sure. Everything’s perfect, I have my life together, I am successful, waving at you from a far. Good juju you better come through, happy hour in a few. 

Major - Alpha female, ENTJ. Sun in Virgo, moon in Scorpio, rising in Gemini. I didn’t have to say “move sis” because you all literally dispersed, cue in scene where Moses walked in the dead sea.

143 - Compliments rained that day, people gushing about how pretty I was in 3 consecutive days, lips prolly was in charge of luring a guy in, sorry bro, these lips are only for speaking kind words, breaking boulders, and sippin a glass of wine when shit hits the fan. Ok bye. 
Vacay - BRB, on t way to a picnic.

Nudist – Dying inside but let’s embrace another work day with a nude lipstick and show the world we’re not having it today. No shade for your reference sorry, I would never ever wear nude lipstick without makeup on.

That's all folks, happy to be able to share this with family and friends, keeping the ones I didn't get yet to complete my collection.

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