Angkor Thom, Bayon Temple and Angkor Wat Photo Diary (After 5 years)

6:58 AM

If you dig deep into this blog you'll surely come across my Cambodia Photo Diary, Angkor Wat to be extra specific, but here it is anyway:Angkor Waaaat? Now Here's a series of photos in Angkor Thom and a bit of Angkor Wat because I love photo diaries in general. PS: My finals for my Photo journalism class was actually my Cambodia trip, the architecture and art, since those where subjects I like to take photos of back then.

Monkeys were looking at me while we were taking photos and judging my poses, pressuring me. 

This is me, standing in front of the gate. 

Some details of Angkor Thom before we head inside.

Here's a sneak peak of me inside Bayon.

 The only photos I took at Angkor Wat because I've been here already. 

 Here's a scenic route we took from the back of Angkor Wat and it was raining so we were running.

Shoutout to my friend for taking my photos! (Here's a pro tip for content creators who travel in groups: Pick a partner, take each other's photos. This is a quicker way to do things and you won't be spending hours waiting for the group. In that case, you can still go around and actually live in the moment.)

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