7 Reasons Why Siem Reap Should be Your Next Travel Destination

9:28 AM

It's so easy to fall in love with Siem Reap, and here's why:

1. The culture. I'm not just talking about the temples, the nation in general is so rich in culture. They really have that strong identity, regardless of how modern the world is today. Even when I've been here twice, I never stopped learning, and I'm glad I took the chance to do the tours all over again. Their stories are very interesting.

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2. The Temples. I found myself waltzing around this vine-clad temple, Ta Prohm — where the 2001 film, Tomb Raider was shot. This maze-like structure was originally named Rajavihara  or ‘Monastery of the King.’ Was never really able to visit Ta Prohm and Banteay Srei the first time, so I still enjoyed the tours despite the scorching heat. When you're in Siem Reap, it's hard to resist the urge to take a gazillion photos for content, however when you're in Bayon or Angkor Wat the walls are similar and trust me you don't need to take so much photos, put down your camera, live in the moment and appreciate the intricate carvings you see everywhere. The temples are really something else, they're so intricate, lovely if you ask me. Here's my photo diary of the other temples incase you wanna skim through it:Angkor Thom, Bayon Temple and Angkor Wat Photo Diary (After 5 Years) and my 5 Years old Angkor Wat photo diary: Angkor Waaaat?

3. The Market. Each traveller has their own preferences on what they want to do when visiting a country, some would splurge on food, some sight seeing —I on the other hand, would always set a day or three, to shop. I love shopping in a different country regardless of what they have to offer.    Siem Reap has a lot of markets. The best part is you don't have to change your money to be able to buy there or go shopping, you can use dollars everywhere and I strongly suggest you bring just dollars, don't think about converting anymore. My favorite market would have to be the Night Market, which I wasn't able to explore the second time around, but the first time I was there with my mom, we were able to shop.


4. Perfect country if you're on a budget. You can get things there for cheap, the food, coffee, everything else. This is an easy destination if you wanna try traveling alone in terms of transportation and on how safe it is, however, traveling solo still has its perils. Make sure you're very careful, take extra measures, the world in general is not a safe place.

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5. Food. During my family, we ate really really good food in restaurants in the city. I remember going inside this random expensive looking restaurant and was surprised that our bill was very affordable despite having ordered almost everything on the menu. It was also the first time I ate flowers, I forgot the name of the restaurant though, so I'll be telling you the places we went to this time, my favorite ones. I also drowned myself with matcha, and they were all so goooooood. We went to this coffee shop called Brown Coffee and it was so cute, if I lived in Cambodia I would go there everyday for sure! The drink on the right was from the restaurant across Angkor Wat, Matcha with red beans, epic if you ask me. There's this restaurant called Malis, who had the best Jasmine pudding. Look at the setup, how dashing.

We also went to Khema the next day. Had another four-course meal, with the same people. Khema gave me this cute really big tote that I always get complimented in. Great food, great wine.

6. The people. I've never met a group of people as nice as them. They're so accommodating, so kind. They even have kids who can speak Tagalog, how cute!

We also went to Tonle Sap & Chong Kneas Floating Village. The experience was very humbling. 

7. ART. If you're a sucker for art and architecture, and a pinch of history to go along with it, then book your flight now and click this link: http://bit.ly/CEB_SiemReap1. We also went to this small village called Kandal. If you're a fan of art while sipping coffee or juice or anything in general, it would be nice to take a look at this place. It's quite pricy here though, but they have good stuff. 


I've never really expected that I'd go back to Cambodia, Siem Reap to be specific, so soon — yet hear we are. This is actually the first country that I visited twice, first with my family, next with my fellow travel bloggers and Cebu Pacific Team. 

I'd like to also thank Crown Angkor Hotel for housing us, your beds are amazing and I will definitely miss the days where I had breakfast in the poolside. 

The same group will be opening 5A Luxury Hotel and Spa hopefully in August, here are some of the photos I was able to take, it's still unfinished.  

As you can see, they make their own furniture since it's more affordable than ordering it from another place. If you look closely you can see people under, building tables.

Once again, thank you (From A-M) Apollo, Brother, Mr. Charles, Joe, and Michelle for this trip, we definitely had so much fun on this trip. Forever grateful for the company and this whole seamless, worry-free experience. 

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