Weekly Veggie Fix

9:33 PM

“So coach, what do you eat?” This question has been giving me anxieties because number one, I don’t know what to tell you, I also eat bad food, way too much sweets. Never had a problem with staying active, always had a problem with eating right, which explains the belly, which explains why I crash even in the middle of a party. It’s either energetic, passionate Mariana to zombie Mariana there is no in between. 

I’ve been dodging the question for a while but realized that I couldn’t keep this on hold any longer, so I finally did take steps, and that includes getting my veggie fix 4 times a week.

Your fitness journey is not an overnight thing. It’s not just about working out, it includes eating clean —and I wouldn’t want to rant here on how mental health is a huge chunk of it. When you decide to finally begin your fitness journey, or let’s say you’re in the middle of it, do not beat yourself up over a donut or the fact that you haven’t achieved the goal you’ve always wanted. The journey itself shouldn’t be taxing, but rather fun. 

Before SaladStop! I would only eat if my veggies were prepared at home, and that meant using my own dressing, everything else I hated. Then I tried some of their selections and all I can say is, if you hate veg, this food chain is going to change your mind. 

The leading salad bar chain in Asia and the go-to destination for healthy eating in Cebu, opened their 15th branch in the country and 2nd in Cebu at the Oakridge Business Park last April 23, 2019.

To some of you who might not be familiar with it yet, SaladStop! serves a variety of farm-fresh salads and wraps with premium toppings and dressings as the healthy alternative to fast food. SaladStop! is committed to sourcing the best possible ingredients and develop them into nutritious and delicious recipes to continuously elevate your veggie experience. 

They also launched their Cebu-exclusive salad and wrap, Bring It 'Chon!, a first outside Manila, is now available at their Ayala Center Cebu and Oakdrige stores until June 12, 2019. The seasonal menu item is made with romaine lettuce, quinoa, lechon, turnip, cherry tomatoes, ripe mango, pickled green papaya, fried garlic, and Mango Cilantro dressing, giving customers a taste of the best Cebuano flavors in the healthiest way possible. I personally love this salad (please don’t add quinoa tho). I’m kind of upset how this is only up to the 12th because it’s really really good! 

They also have their new smoothie called Aloha Burst, made up of pineapple, banana, carrot, yoghurt, honey & chia seeds. Beats all their current smoothies if you ask me. (Plus its not sour). 

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