So, do you have any real hobbies?

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My middle school self is shrieking. 

The title is an inside joke from last month's road trip but anyway, let's get back to why my 10 year old self is so happy. First of all, and finally there's an art hub that's located so close to where I currently work  and that only means one thing, shopping before meetings! When I went there for the opening, a friend and I were like "murag maka gasto gyud tag dako dako ani." 

There's a shelf filled with handcrafted, ig-worthy soaps from Crafted Soap, ended up buying for my aunt's bathroom. 

I also brought the Rosé version which was pink, and you have to eat a lot to be able to feel the hit, regardless, it's something nice to snack on while staying indoors on a Friday night. 

 I don't even know why but seeing this made me wanna buy a set and do it myself. But as soon as I'm done with my oil paint, I'm getting these for sure. Perhaps a wooden Pooh set will do? or a Cartoon Network 90's universe?

This is what caught my attention, as soon as I got in, so it's a thermal printer, whatever that is, but you can see the results beside it, it's very cute, if I had extra extra cash I would've taken it with me right away. 

If you wanna sport the dopest eco bags, Grumpy Girls is the way to go (wait did I just say dopest? Ew).  The tote bags are really tdf, if you have an eco-conscious friend, get this as a gift. 

Speaking of eco-conscious, Craft Story sells bar shampoo as well, with so many kinds to choose from. 

One of the things you can find is a wall filled with sticker packs, from drinks, to cats, to horoscope, to women empowerment, name it! Screampaints leave you contemplating if it's a need or a need. Anyway, I wanted to buy but then where should I put it? Not on my laptop that's for sure, so where? Let me know cause I'm dying to get my hands on them. 

They have linen sprays, for your oc friend. *Tags self* 

And some rappers. 

Drip coffee and metal straws.

Random lockets.

Notebooks and memory keeper and whatever you want to do with your notebook. 

They have bookmarks, a lot of them.

Their BBQ sauce is good too. 

And this is what I took home with me! 

Ended up getting a handful of postcards, and I don't know if I should use them or keep because they're too adorable. Got a watermelon paperweight too, they sell stones there with designs, and stones without, incase you wanna paint them yourself. 

Look at that dashing bookmark, hey wassup. 

and this memory keeper, or so they say. It's really just a notebook with random cutouts. Should I write my poetry here or would that be too dark? 

First time playing with slime, lol. 

And I got myself a Black Onyx bracelet, because it matches with my Miband, this is a start of my Witch journey which I've been holding off for quite some time because oils are not my thing, and they are expensive as fuck. Anyway, this bracelet serves as my protection, from all the evil things of the world, protection from the sun, early pregnancy, what else. 

That camera pin for the woman who loves film. 

And pressed flowers (I have a stack of them from lovers and dead and alive)

And more bookmarks for my mini library!

Thank you Craft Story Cebu for existing and bringing local crafters and artists together. You guys can follow them on Instagram @craftstorycebu and visit their store located at Crossroads Banilad, right beside Distillery. 

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