Photo Dump: South Korea

8:31 AM

Didn't know anything about South Korea, it was never a part of my bucket list but I ended up going there, one of my favorite countries up to date. I used to tutor a Korean, used to go to his apartment every other night to teach english, science, home economics, religion and the like and I shyly admit that was the closest thing I had of Korea. 

Booking that plane ticket was the best decision I made this year, I just got out of a job, and this was my reward, the ultimate break I need. Of course, nothing touristy here, as usual. 

Waltzing around Myeongdong was our daily routine, so was shopping.

Never really thought I needed the things I bought but yeah, South Korea is heaven for ladies, never fond of skincare until I got here, now I have skincare routines and serums that has made a huge difference in my skin.

First OOC trip with my boyfriend and his friends who are close to me now.

Fave milk tea place!


Been going crazy over banana milk. 

Can't wait to go back!

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