Film Series 1

2:04 AM

Let me start by expressing how disgusted I am with how these photos were scanned. I am never going back there ever again. 


Not my party but I'm claiming it. HBD Boyfriend! (Manila, February 2019)

Tokyo, March 2019

Train Station

Still at the train station

I'm bad at captions and I don't even know where this is.

Somewhere near Mt. Fuji

TDF Takoyaki. 

I think out of all the photos this is what I like best.

Sven, eating what's left of my dessert. 

Calling everyone, tonight's not happening. 

Tokio, my favorite villain. 

Cousin and her boyfriend

The Gastons

Shooting a short film somewhere in BCD, lol I wish.

Baby dog took this photo

Designated guardian and driver. A round of applause for my baby dog.

That frustrating elections. 

Celebrating every tiny ass victory.

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