Post cards from Tokyo

10:15 PM

Konichiwa Tokyo! Finally a travel post. 

Sleep was holding me by the neck after dozing off at 11PM and waking up at 2AM. I was expecting Cranky Ari to creep up anytime soon. Dear Reader, here’s a side of me you might not know, but regardless of how many times I’ve traveled in the past, I still get so much anxieties with airport situation and the possibility of things falling apart. 

Anyway, so I got to the airport quite early, running on 2 hours of sleep, which was quite a bummer, but thanks to Cebu Pacific’s digital check-in, I was able to relax and avoid lines.

We got relocated to the first row, you know what that means? Yup, leg room for days. I wasn’t able to sleep still, but I was comfortable in my seat. We also did pre order our inflight meal coming back, I was assigned to try chicken kebab but ended up devouring my friend Ronah’s sisig.

We stayed in Tokyo for 3 days, and booked all our activities using Klook — an app where you can book affordable tickets, curated experiences with deals and discounts on attractions worldwide. 

We went to a handful of places like Tokyo DisneySea, a Mt. Fuji Tour, we went up Skytree Tower where we saw the entire city, we visited Shibuya every night,  Robot Restaurant, which was shockingly the most expensive voucher Klook gave us, personally I wouldn’t pay that much for a show but don’t get me wrong the performance was nice, they gave us a really good show, extravagant props and all but it was just very expensive. On our last day we went to Yoyogi Park where there were only countable cherry blossom trees in full bloom. 

Going to our hotel, we booked our Skyliner voucher through Klook also, and stayed in  Hearton Hotel Higashishinagawa. Our hotel was really clean and it had a tub, which I didn’t use of course but yeah, the baño was really nice (this is my basis of a good room). The size was spacious enough to fit four people actually but there was just two of us. Beds were huge. The view from our room was a mall in our location that didn’t really have that much people. 

I actually did use Klook in my Korea Trip last year, I got my wifi from them because they’re easier and less hassle compared to the other one (who’s job focuses on particularly wifi, hint hint!) who didn’t even get back to us. *spills matcha tea* 

Using Klook was indeed a seamless way to discover and book attractions, tours, local transportation, wifi, etc. Once you try it, you’ll understand why they’re an award winning app. 

As much as I want to tell you in full detail of everything that happened in this blogpost, I feel like.. either you’re gonna skim through it or I’m gonna doze of trying to remember every single detail, regardless, I promise to give you a glimpse of what went down in Tokyo through my vlog so stay tuned! I know you like visuals. 

Although this might pass off as traveling for work, I find myself blessed to be able to do what I like, which is creating content for the blog this time (and for the vlog too but y’all know how much I hate vlogging while I travel since I get distracted every single minute.) Thank you God for handing over all these opportunities but most of all, keeping me physically able to see the world. 

I’d like to thank the following people for this trip: 

1. Cebu Pacific for making first moments happen! Special shout out to Apollo Santos for being so kind to assist us for the whole trip and making sure everything’s smooth. Being with you was so so fun, epic even.

2. Klook for booking all our activities, and for actually existing. Been an avid user since then. 

3. Bigseed PR and Events, especially to my former coworker Rei Niñal, thank you miss for all your help. 

Before traveling I actually did tell my mom I was kinda shy and uneasy going out of the country with people I’m not really super mega close to (they’re my friends but still, I am a very very shy and anxious person). And she was like, “you’d be surprised, sometimes traveling with people you're not close to is really fun."

She was so right. Separation anxiety is real this time and as oa as it sounds this experience made me grow considering that I was the youngest in the bunch. I learned a lot from them and throughout this whole trip (except for trains, lol I’m really bad at that.) 

And that’s it! Bye everyone, see you on my next post. 

Outfit: Trench Coat: Zara
           Shoes: Zara
           Pants: Uniqlo
           Top: Uniqlo
           Belt: F21

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