Random year-end musings

5:55 PM

  • If you pretend you have your life together, everyone’s gonna believe it, even you — however, don’t be too imposing. Somehow you just really have to own it, attract good juju, be it. 
  • Travel as much as you can. Give yourself a break, explore the world, but learn to also immerse yourself with our culture, go around your own country, I promise you it’s a pretty place. 
  • Apologizing or being nice will never make up for the lack of professionalism. Engrave that in your head. 

  • Your life is filled with plot twists that you don’t even know of. Live your life instead of figuring it out. My 2018 had plot twists I didn’t quite expect, not as big as 2017’s but a lot of them. My anxieties were off the charts and I don’t even want to remember them, but I guess the only way to stop it is if we stop obsessing over trying to figure out the next few steps, it will all work out in the end. 
  • I hope you find someone who loves you enough to actually keep promises —or try to be decent enough and be that person who keeps their word, to whoever it may be. Anyway, if you don’t find them, don’t settle. S/he will come, just wait. 
  • Netflix is actually very therapeutic. It’s just like reading a book. There were so much good series this year, so so much that there was a time that I just bummed out and lived, haha! Drench yourself with good series while you can. 
  • Work out if you want. If you wish to see progress, get up. Not gonna waste my time motivating anyone to exercise —it's all up to you, your body, your choice. As long as you're healthy and you like how you look, that's already enough. 
  • Perseverance is the door to success, follow through is the key. Giving up should never be an option. 
  • If you post something on Instagram, make sure the person who likes it the most is you. No one to impress here really, who are we kidding. Let’s not seek to be liked, the only thing we should worry about is if we like what we post.

  • Sometimes you’re gonna end up with someone who’ll hurt you, a lot, yet at the same time s/he’s gonna make you feel like you’re on top of the world. It’s up to you to decide if it’s all worth it.
  • It’s actually really fun to just visit a country and not do any touristy stuff at all. It’s nice to wake up in a different city without a plan. It’s nice to live like a local. Putting off vacation simply for the lack of time will drive you crazy soon enough. 
  • Some people will cheat on you any chance they get, thinking the extra thousands you pay them is gonna get them to places, either you drag them to the dirt right now or you wait for dear old Karma to do everything. As much as we’d want to see bad things happen to them right in front of our noses, mind you, it doesn’t really take a long time before shit starts happening and when they do, you’ll actually end up feeling bad for them, in a genuine way. Sayang, ug wa ka nanguwat wa unta ka gabae. Try to not be a pushover, don’t be naive.
  • If a person abuses you the first time, may it be emotional, mental or physical, jump out of the ship. Right away. Just jump out. I don’t have to explain this. It’s never too late. Jumping out may mean struggling for a bit, but I swear to good, it will save you. This was my biggest realization this year, biggest I tell you. It’s easier said than done and sometimes it takes a decade to finally pack up and leave. 

  • A lot of people say things they don’t mean cos they love the sound of it, e.g. “Yeah, let’s do that this summer!“ “Let’s go to blah blah blah this November, promise we’re really going.” “Let’s have coffee.” “I’ll be there at 2:00, promise.” Also, I still don’t understand how people can’t show up on time especially when they have no prior engagement before the meeting. Please, call me instead, Facetime if you please. 
  • Started to feel like I was surrounded with so many unimportant selfish bodies that I had to jump into the water to get away but was still forced to show up and it was draining af especially since it contributed badly to my current state however by the near end of 2018, I found people finally worth being with who doesn’t stab you in the back. 2018 was indeed, a year of lessons. 
  • Splurge on hobbies, give them importance, it keeps you alive. 
  • Self care doesn’t have to be masks and salt baths. Go cut your hair, watch the sun set, paint, envelope yourself in clean sheets. 
  • There are so many weird pairings that actually work; Margaritas and Chocolate Chip Cookies, an Aquarius in a relationship with a Virgo, bread with butter dipped in orange juice (is making a huge comeback) and high fashion outfits with your trusty tsinelas.
Top: Rustan's 
Kimono: Natori
Bottom: Ricardo Preto 
Flip-Flops: Havaianas
Photo: Ryan Calle

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