I quit my job —and here’s what I have to say to my generation and the future graduates.

5:55 PM

I quit my job —and most of you probably know why I did what I did. 

Here’s the catch, there’s nothing waiting for me as of the moment, and by nothing I mean, I’m unemployed —what I was horrified with back when I just graduated. 

Most of you may think this is a very reckless, irresponsible move, quitting without a back-up plan. The thing is, I want to be unemployed, I want to breathe (one thing I've never tried since I immediately got a job right after I graduated.) I’ve always wanted to wake up not knowing what day it was. I’ve always wanted to be that struggling author at 2AM trying to finish her story, or a blogger who’s trying to make it in the metro. I wanted to be an artist but I was scared, the idea was rather terrifying. 


‪I got a job because it was safer than art, well that’s what I thought so. ‬

And here’s what I have to say to the millennials, to the feeling millennials and the future graduates. 

Please, by all means do not stress over it, do not let society pressure you. Easier said than done but please try not to worry as much. Your employment status or your job doesn’t define you as a person, never look down to people based on what they do, at the same time, don’t diss someone for not having a job. Learn to always look everyone in the eye, learn to respect and make people feel special regardless of what their job is. 

Not everyone is destined for greatness. Success isn’t measured through pay checks and fancy cars. A poor man being able to raise a family of 6 is just as successful as a YUPPIE earning 5 digits every 15 days. I know you know this already but maybe you need assurance. Perhaps you need another pat in the back.

So you’re 22/23/24/25 and you still don’t have your life together, who the fuck cares? Well maybe I should take it back, I bet your parents do, or your boyfriend, or your friends. See here’s the good thing, at least you’re a good person, at least you’re not in the worst situation, nor the lowest of the low. Think of it this way, you have all the light in the world, you have all the time. You don’t know what you want? Then perhaps enjoy the thrill of searching for now. Don't kill yourself for being unemployed, we all pass that.

There are endless opportunities for you to make money and prosper, if that’s what you’re worried about. The key here is not to measure success based on others. Enjoy tiny victories. Your life is composed of tiny victories, celebrate each one. 

Super accurate Pat!

I don’t wanna give a rundown about JK, Oprah, Walt Disney and how unsuccessful they were before and because of hard work etc etc they made it, because not everyone is destined to be LIKE THEM, all I’m saying is, being lost and broke and upset and unsure and lost again and tired is super mega normal, it’s frustrating but we gotta live with it. You might think you’re alone in this but heck no, you don’t see it online cos who the hell screams how bad and ugly their lives are on Instagram?

I wish I could tell you the way out of this maze but I’m kinda stuck here too, if I manage to go out as early as this year or the next, I’m gonna scream it to your face. 

My side of the story: 

Growing up I have always been a good student. Although I’d skip class sometimes, take midterms ahead of everyone because of Sinulog, or party in another island a week before my thesis defense. I always managed to make it, with good grades, not GREAT, just good. Always an honor student, NOT the smartest in class, but can get by without concentrating. This isn’t even humble bragging because my grades literally took me nowhere. 

My situation was that of my crush, one requirement crashed us out from taking home cum laude medals that were rightfully ours based on grades, and for a while I felt like shit, well, I just hope the people in Hibbard and those who came up with that stupid rule choke to death, amen. I’m not taking anything back, when you scar a kid, they bring it with them until whenever. So thank you school, for the bountiful lessons I learned the hard way, But does that matter now? Not so. 

And maybe if I could turn back time I wish I skipped more, to be in the beach with my mom, to watch movies with my dad, to play, to paint idk. I wish I spent more time thinking about what I wanted to do, rather than studying for that math test that I knew I was gonna pass. 

I thought my achievements were intended to please my parents or other people, like yeah I can do this, yeah I can do that, look at me now, living my straight life. I somehow couldn’t get off the “continuously proving myself” train. 

But actually now that I think of it, I was only proving myself for me —but was I happy? 


I mean, *yeah super mega* but it wasn’t everything I imagined and it surely wasn’t a golden ticket to the highest paying job ever/the most money making business. 

Achievements don’t have to be getting a gpa of 3.6 or or being the first one to find a job in your batch, sometimes it’s finally learning how to cook or getting over your ex after a year, sometimes it’s standing up for a movement you believe in and actually pushing it forward and doing something about it.  

And I’m not here to tell you please quit your job, I’m not encouraging you to drop out of school. This write-up simply wants to help you not beat yourself up, not compare your progress to others and to push you to do what makes you happy, unless, UNLESS if it means hurting someone else, or disappointing your family. If studying and getting good grades make you happy, then go do that, if sports are what makes your heart whole, then do it.

If you can't support your passion or dreams as of the moment, then make sacrifices first, it's always part of the story. 

And also, instead of whining over achievements and standards that aren’t met, please please take a short break and pray. 

Thank Him for wherever you are right now, and for the strength He has given you to fight your tiny battles. Some people would love to be in your place, so please be thankful, that you have a roof over your head, that you can eat three times a day and have money to spare for recreation. Some people are facing far worst, “what am I going to eat today? What am I going to feed my children.” 
Some people don’t even have a choice to get another job, so they stay even if it’s unbearable, and I take my hat off for these individuals, may happiness find you always. Let me stop there cos I’m already tearing up. 

So yeah, I hope you find your purpose as early as today, I hope everything pans out. You’ll be fine. I hope one day you’ll wake up to finally knowing what you want. 

And as for me, I am still worried, after all the supposedly substantial advice, I am still headed to the quarter life crisis hill, but I am very happy right now and scared and super excited for what’s in store for me. Let me go back to making money in 2 months, for now I'm gonna do what I wanna do, whether it's moneymaking or not. I saved up for this anyway. 


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