The No Bullshit Pep Talk To A Happier You

9:13 AM

1. Know how to entertain yourself, find comfort in being alone. This is one thing I’m so good at, growing up as an only child I have found comfort being in my own company. I was never bored. You have to know how to have fun even when you’re alone, being alone doesn’t necessarily mean you are lonely unless if you make it seem that way. If you can’t even find the joy of your own company, what makes you think others will? 

2. You are fat. You’re fat, you’re fat you’re fat you’re fat. Why are you offended? You should stop negating the word fat, and even thin. They’re just words pertaining to body weight. Body weight? Why does that offend you? Why are you using it to throw punches at someone you hate? Don’t say thin/twig/fat/pig, say ugly. Because ugly is ugly. 

3. Ditch the plastics. May it be the straw, or your friends, you gotta try and make the world a better place here. Get metal/bamboo straws, bring your own cutlery, bring a water bottle all the time, and seriously, get rid of those trash, you don’t wanna be them too, correct? 

4. Do yoga. Lift yourself up, pray while you’re at it. 

5. If you can’t find a job you like then at least try to work for a boss you like. I swear, a bad job and a bad boss is lethal. 

6. Take breaks. I think most of my sick leaves were not because I was physically sick but because I was so drained. I’m too stressed I can’t be bothered, or too upset I need a break. Don’t hesitate to take breaks, mental health is important, fuck what people say, go use that leave if you can’t handle it anymore. 

7. Eat chocolates, have a stash in your fridge incase you get a wee bit sad. Ever since I moved, I really had a part in my fridge filled with chocolates and it really is a mood booster. I’ve been eating these dark chocolates from Davao, and damn it’s just heaven right there. 

8. Chocolates aside, eat healthy. When I moved to my new place, I was able to cook, heck, I learned how to cook. When I would prepare my meals, I’d make sure they’re the healthier option because what’s the point of preparing something unhealthy? I mean, if I had to then I would just buy the unhealthy meal instead of stressing out, preparing an unhealthy one.

9. Work out. Ever since I got the body I wanted I’d worry less. If we had shoots, I wouldn’t be as anxious as I was back then, everything fits. I’d still get comments  though like “you’re too thin,” but guess what? When I was fatter I got comments like “start losing weight,” so yeah whatever. You can’t get rid of body shaming but you can always throw shade on those who do. Mind your own business, love the skin you’re in. 

10. Do more of what makes you happy, unless if it upsets your parents — i.e. drugs. 

11. Practice self-care. It doesn’t have to be putting on face masks or having good wine — self-care doesn’t have to be luxurious. Self-care is eating healthy, cutting your nails, allowing yourself to breathe, forgiving yourself for standards that aren’t met.  

12. Don’t make people dictate how you’re supposed to feel. Allow yourself to freely react to a certain situation, don’t take a step back just because they might think you’re too sensitive, or that they think it’s just nothing. Not gonna deny how I’ve been highly emotional for the past 2 months and selectively social too. Nevertheless, I will never be sorry for acting the way I always do. My reaction is a result of how you treat me. So yeah, you are super mega allowed to feel how you’re feeling right now. Let it out. 

13.  If all else fails, retail therapy. You can also shop online, at least you still have something to look forward too by the start of the week.

14.  Drink so much water you’ll drown. Water cures everything, salt water does too, so aside from drinking water, be in it. Shower when the kitchen’s too hot, cry while snorkeling, do whatever you can to heal.

15. Books are your best friends. If you don’t like reading, just give it a shot okay? Being on IG or Facebook all day kinda is a waste of time unless if it’s your job and you gotta really do it, that aside, I don’t know how to stress it enough for you that reading will take you places. 

16. Buy a nice pair of jammies or a night dress. This will most likely make you think you have your life together, well, 20 percent of it. Wouldn’t it be nice to end your day with cute nighties, binging over series, eating ice cream, ugly crying over some random shit you’ll soon get over with after two days? So yeah, owning at least a pair of decent pajamas will make you feel better, not to mention something you can easily grab to your next sleepover. 

17. Drink Cranberry juice. Idk cranberry juice is the only juice I have in my fridge that I actually replenish. I heard it could heal you from uti so imagine what the juice contains! 

18. Drink good coffee, listen to good music. I hope you’ll bump into the next possible song that’s going to be on repeat for 2 months. I hope it makes you feel something. I also hope you’re coffee is good? Surprise your parents with good coffee, it’ll make their day, I swear. 

19. Mute the annoying people you can’t unfollow on IG. The difference it makes is overwhelming you have no idea. Imagine waking up to see stories of some people you’re obliged to follow. That’s too taxing.

20. Don’t beg for love, or even time. Don’t go back to an ex. I don’t know how to stress this enough for you to open your eyes, but always know your worth so you can also be with someone worthy. I promise you, the next person is worth it, never settle, never look back. 
21. Be more genuine, say what needs to be said, let it all out. Sometimes you gotta quit running from emotional expression. Always be nice, always be generous. Give off the vibe you wish to receive.

22. Watch movies, make lists — Movies I Need to See, Films I Watched, Books I Finished,  Boys I Need to Date, just kidding! 

Photo by: Kiko Kintanar
Swimsuit: Cesa PH

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