Gudak from the mail today; photo dump of nothing really.

7:36 AM

Life behind my Gudak lens because I don't even care about my content anymore, (it doesn't really start here.)
Hello there, I'm surprised you clicked the post, didn't know that photo was a good enough bait for you. Are you bored or are we friends? Anyway, a Gudak film can only accommodate 25 photos, enjoy. 

Remember when I said "2 perspectives of the city, I'm in love with both?" I was lying. The best part is, I found love in the city where I lost it. Doesn't matter who or why, resilience is your best friend, she never fails.

Sorry, are you expecting nice photos? Go back to my homepage and click the photography label on the right side, scroll down, find it. 

My hair's sexy pushed back, Aaron Samuels is screaming.

Thanks for making me feel like I have a family here. Thank you for Sunday dinners and for bumming around and watching movies with me, you're my "bestest" friend ever!

We were invited by Morals & Malice as guest bartenders one night. Here's our concoction called "King's Cock."

Self care over there.

8 tequila shots and I'm still poppin', 8 tequila shots and I'm a hurricane of happiness and guts that may surprise you. 8 tequila shots and I tell you how much I love you despite the fact that I only like 7% of you when I'm sober cos you're a pretty person with an ugly heart. 3 glasses of wine and I'm staggering, 3 glasses of wine and I can sleep in your car for life.

Here's a throwback to when I was Georgie on Halloween.

It's good to be back!

So fond of drinks right now, here's a cup of tea and 10 drops of illusion that tea makes you feel better.

Confessed to him one night how happy I was to have him because he's always down for anything, even my choice of food, ruins it by saying "cos I eat anything." Yeah he does, the only thing is he can't eat trash and I love trash (42% of why we fight is because of my eating habits.)

2017,  a year of irrational Christmas parties, I swear, I've never attended that much parties in my life. 2018 here is a summer of boatings, I can't even make-out which is which but I'd take the first two please, it was the best.

You know why I keep buying lip balms? Apparently mine's good for two.

I really like the ocean. I almost died in it, I cried in it, I spent half of my life in it. I love my tropical country, I just hate the current president, most especially, the senate president. 

This is the photo I posted that led me to my yoga buddy. Let's make yoga double dates a thing! 

My view if I open my windows on a gloomy day. Not so pretty, but I'm hella curious. 

I really love Drip and Draft's  Cold Brew White. 

 When I felt the genuine love that wasn't really for me. It's okay, it backfired. 

The night we stayed at the back of your car listening to funky music. Let's pretend there was no smoking involved. Anyway, you just called and asked if I was alive. Lol, why not?

Something I'll never see again, though I forgot about it in the morning. Here's my Gudak film, cheers to memories.

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