A sober girl's take on Englisera

8:42 AM

 It all started when my boyfriend and I got invited by Morals and Malice to concoct our very own cocktail, when to begin with, I'm not the best person you should ask when it comes to drinks. It's really cute though, thank you Morals and Malice for inviting us to be guest bartenders. I have yet to vlog about this, keep tuning in. 

May was a month of drinks, and it didn't really end there. There were wine nights shortly after May was over, plus a weekend with unending shots. I slightly promised myself (no pressure) to stop, not because I needed to save but because of my sleeping habits, and I also need to really think straight this month because I'm about to make a huge decision that can only lead to happiness, and more than anything, I need to embrace it with a clear mind and a sober heart.

Now let's talk about this drink! A week after I was bartending, my friend and I went to my boyfriend's house for a picnic, a 4 pax pool party.

The drink's gin based and it was so strong we had to make it into a smoothie. If you're on a budget and you wanna get drunk fast, buy this. It tastes really good too, with and without a chaser. Have you ever tried limoncello? It's a Cebuano version of that, well at least, it kinda tastes like it. You take it by shots, it's also so bright in the glass, it's not thick, not hard to down and it's loaded with flavor.

Here's a closer look at the bottle,  it's simple just the way I like it. It makes me want to make my own drink as well.  I'm also big on supporting local products, especially one that's made in Negros or Cebu.

How does one enjoy a bottle of Englisera? If you're in an intense boating or let's say, it's game night you can drink it in shots (make sure it's cold though). It's also refreshing poured over crushed ice with  Sprite or tonic water, then garnish with a fresh sprig of rosemary or thyme. 

What I really like about this drink is that I don't have to drink so much to get buzzed. 
I absolutely don't like to drink a lot, sorry beer, it's usually 0 or 100 for me, not a fan of grey areas. That's all for now, will be bringing a bottle for today's pool party. Happy Independence Day everyone! Don't forget to be patriotic. 

Drinks: Insoymada Englisera Mix
Bathing suit: c/o of Tita Roxanne
Photographer: Boyfriend

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