Temple run and the things I'm thankful for

8:21 PM

My Bangkok trip is not in any way, the highlight of this year, except for the fact that I was traveling with my mom and other family members, otherwise, there was really nothing. Anyway, I’ll use these photos (these are also the only ones I took for the entire trip). Don’t expect to read about my recent vacation, I will not talk about it. 

Alternative caption: This year in a nutshell minus the last month. 

I’ve been throwing around questions like “Is it right to pressure one’s self into making a decision already today?” I’m 22 and I’m not sure of anything, most of us aren’t, I know I should stop fidgeting. 22 and I am still not 100% into the things I do 8 hours a day. 22 and I am very exhausted, I sleep in cinemas. 

Did I mention I also ran out of horror movies to watch? Bummer! 


2017 started off with handling a super big client, and partying non-stop that I had to leave the city a month after Sinulog to continue the streak. 

This has also been a year of firsts, considering I finally had the courage to travel alone — to see friends, to heal, to blog and embrace my millennial cravings.  

My first music video was shot last January! Cheers to that *clink*. lt was released just in time for Valentines Day, so to hell with dates and shaky relationships. 

I was also tasked to handle an experimental baby and it was one heck of an adventure. I’ve been hosting a lot too (which I really didn’t expect).


I finally got my own place and I can cook now, I bet my yaya’s extremely proud! 

I’ve made more friends this year, hoe ray! I also wasn’t expecting to get a new boyfriend TBH but it was one of the best things that ever happened, what a surprise! And he’s so supportive (more of a stage boyf plus road manager *rolls eyes*), and nice, and although sometimes I feel like punching him in the jaw, he’s still makes me really happy. I know I may be hard to deal with because I’m such a child, but at least he tries to keep up. 

Another highlight was being able to travel a lot, though the trips were quite unexpected (all of them actually), I was still ecstatic that I got to visit all these places I’ve never been. 2018 better be good considering that 2017’s hard to beat huh. 

Even my birthday lasted for a month, parties after parties, trips and more trips, plus unending surprises popping out of nowhere! This year has been quite good to the Virgos. 

2017 is about to end and yet I still haven’t finished writing my book! It’s so sad, I need A Glass of Whiskey, Please done, and a glass of motivation back. 

There’s actually a lot to be really thankful for, and I can’t just list them all here for that will be too much to read. So yeah, that’s it for now, see you on my next blog post or vlog, if I stop being lazy. 

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