Looking for Some Pre-New Year’s Resolution

8:41 PM

Subject to change ofcourse, there’s still a month left. 

  1. A fresh start
There’s this risky step I’m going to take and it feels like jumping into the void. It is so unlike me to not have a back up plan ready at all, and to be running full speed on a dark bridge with no assurance of getting on the other side. 

Honestly, I’m not even fully sure if I need a fresh start, a new perspective, another vacation, a glass of milk or a tub of ice cream. 

  1. Focus on my hobbies more
This time, I’ll be updating my blog regularly, and perhaps take afternoons with ari seriously (but where’s the fun in that? ) Okay, maybe not, but atleast make more videos??? Make films? BS I’ve been wanting to do this for the longest time, but I’ve been held back for tons of reasons.

  1. Pesco Pollo Vegetarianism 
Well actually, it’s been a month since my guy and I are on this diet, and this is something we wish to continue until 2018, but we both cheat, a lot. 

The term makes it seem like it’s calling one’s self an atheist-catholic, but I don’t know what else to call it. I mean I searched it online and I had doubts of the term but whatever. It is what it is. Pesco pollo but vegetarian, I have no words. Haha. 

I will try but I’m not gonna be extremely strict about this diet. 

  1. Make my bed as soon as I wake up and not sleep with my phone. 
Someone sent me a video about making beds, and he does tho, and he seems to have his life together, so yeah I was like, why the hell not? And made it a habit. It does wonders actually, going home to a made bed makes your shitty day ten times better.  If you start your day, doing that 1 task, everything else follows. So go fourth, and make your bed. 

Segue to my beige flats, aren’t they the cutest? One of the best pair I own actually. As much as I want to wear them everyday, I don’t want them to look worn out. Thank you Yosi Samra.

  1. Read more.
I used to read 30 something books per year but then this year I have only read 11, can you imagine that? Just eleven. 
  1. Get so much sleep that I wouldn’t have to be sleeping in the cinema or any social gathering.
This year has been quite exhausting for several reasons, no actually, 2016 was worse but this year has been draining too. I’ve been watching less movies, and well every time I do so, I sleep —even with horror movies. That’s  when I knew it has gone extremely bad and that I have to do something about it. 

It’s really embarrassing since I can sleep ANYWHERE. No matter how loud, crowded or fun a place is, if my body says sleep, I can’t help it. I can even sleep standing up if I had to. 

  1. Will not allow self to struggle for the same thing over and over. 
My dad’s giving me puzzled expressions, asking me all these subtle questions. More than anyone on this planet he’s the guy who knows how I feel without me, having to explain anything. Sometimes I feel like he has 1/3 of my brain in him too because he can’t just be a mind reader, right?
There are times where I don’t even want to get up, for the same reason and he can see that, and since he supports me more than anyone one this planet, it pains him to see how I struggle for the same reason, and this has to stop. 
  1. Have my book published
Before that, I should already finish my first one before the year ends. It’s so hard having to write about heartbreak and you don’t really feel anything anymore. God, pour me a glass of motivation too, please. 

  1. Take a huge pricey risk
Okay so to start off, this isn’t even supposed to be here, because it’s already bound to happen by December. Regardless, its casual effect will  probably even reach the next year, whether it’s traumatic or a hit. So yeah, don’t do it? It’s a mistake, the effects haven’t happened yet but I feel like I am already fucked. Oh well. 
  1. Exercise 
Most common resolution that stays under the bed for 300 days. Including this as a daily reminder of how I don’t have my life together if I miss out on this.

Jumpsuit: The Thursday Club (@thethursdayclubph)
Shoes: Yosi Samra 

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