A Day at Amorita Resort X Afternoons with Ari: Episode 13

1:56 AM

Here's the 15th episode of Afternoons with Ari:

I don't know anything about Bohol except for the fact that they have the best kalamayhati. Every time I think about the place, all I could ever picture out are the hills, and of course the tarsiers. 

However, I did not get to see any of those, which apparently gives me a reason to definitely come back. What came in as a surprise was that Bohol, in itself had beautiful beaches, really beautiful ones. 

It's quite a shame that I have only come to experience it now, nonetheless, better late than never. 

Come take a look. 

And a selfie here and there.


The view's really really nice though. Everything about this place is. From the room down to the grass. 

Do you see what I mean when I said they have a great view?

This resort, has two areas with enormous pools.


Weird back.

Getting tired of my pool photos yet? 

If you watched my vlog then you more or less know what's in the resort. I wasn't really able to swim on the pool or the beach because there was so much to discover, and so little time. What's nice about this place is that it is very very exclusive. The price point is similar to the expensive resorts in Mactan (if you opt for something less fancy, check out Momo Beach House), the difference is that this place is super exclusive. 

So here the gem guys! 

For those who like to party, Alona Beach is a 5 minute walk (depends on how fast of a "walker" you are). However, this resort also has its own bar, with Spanish food, SPANISH FOOD, I swear when I found out, my stomach screamed. 

Here are some of the things Tomar Tapas X Bar offers:

They had really good croquetas. I'm not even gonna deny the fact that I judge a Spanish restaurant based on how good their croquetas are, it's weird but yes.

Here's the paella, as much as I wanted to devour the whole thing, I couldn't because I was semi sick that day. 

I like how this corner brings me to a new place. 

That's it for now, here's a group photo of my Bohol squad. 

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