5 reasons why Bicester Cafe is my new Sunday spot

12:37 AM

Although there are so much more reasons as to why it is worth visiting, I would want to give you just 5 for the sole purpose of keeping your curiosity going. 

 Let me take a sip first before I begin. 

1. The chicken waffle.

Can I eat this every day? I ordered maple syrup because of my weird eating habit —and I like it because I don't have to take turns anymore! I was in chicken heaven with this one. 

2. The drinks. 

This is not my fave drink. I really love the cookies and cream shake, but was not able to take a decent photo, so whatever. It looks like that anyway but with a different color. Anyway I can down a pail of it really. 


(The one I'm sipping rn is my fave, though I don't have a close up)

3. The design.

From the lights to the chairs, everything in this cafe is Instagramable (though I couldn't get a lot of photos because there were too much people and yeah I'm kinda shy.) The cafe's design is industrial with a touch of class? How do I explain it? Just come over already!


 4. The individuals that run the place.

Everyone there's nice, from the owners down to the waiters. If you want good vibes, you better come. I remember we were fighting with my companion on the way here. As we entered the cafe, idk what happened but we were super friends again (see what I mean by how fast the mood changes).

5. Their menu

The restaurant's menu features all-day brunch specials ranging from breakfast food to rice meals, plus there's a lot to choose from when it comes to coffee (duh cafe). Anyway so they have three pastas to choose from and my fave's definitely their Aglio Olio. 

They also have banana pancakes. Banana pancakes. Let that sink in. 

That's it for now. Do swing by, and don't forget to order the cookies and cream shake! 

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 Oh, and I also grabbed some photos from my friend kdawnsy.blogspot.com. Here they are:

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