Afternoons with Ari: Episode 12 X Momo Beach House Photo Diary

4:19 AM

Here's a glimpse of Momo Beach House

This was my favorite part of the beach. I've noticed Bohol has lots of areas like this.

And my favorite part of the day too!

You've probably seen this already from the video, but here's the pool area! I have not taken a dip though.

I put the momo in Momo Beach House, yikes!

Waving that Spanish flag right here! 

Their beds are so comfy I'm dying. 

Let's go back to my favorite part of the day. I wouldn't actually mind paddling for another 2 hours. 

Yup I forgot to remove my watch and my ring, oh well. 

Here's a quick review about the place, and yes, I'll cut it down to phrases because I know you don't have the patience to actually read big blocks of texts on a Tuesday night.

1. It's very "homey."
2. The perfect beach house for a trip with the barkada.
3. They have the most welcoming staff.
4. A safe place too.
5. It's really clean there.
6. Super comfortable beds.
7. If you need privacy, this is the place to be.

This is their website by the way: Momo Beach House

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