Movie Rehab

11:15 PM

The reason why I was able to do so much for the past two weeks is that I went on a mandatory movie rehab since I left my favorite external in Dumaguete *cinematic cry*. I downloaded a whole lot *more cinematic sobs* because I was ready to binge. This led me to finish so much write-ups and posts on idle. Two weeks lang, two weeks, kapit please. The good thing is I finally have the drive to socialize. 

What is there to do when you're in a movie and internet hiatus? 

1.     Finally write a long ass post about photos which are long overdue. Which led me to drop the write-up over here, totally unrelated to my photos but suck it man. I don't care. It's summer, I want to post pool photos. 

2.     Catch up with people. Yes, there's a world outside your box, do yourself a favor and step out — also, please dress up a little especially when you rarely go out.  Trust me on this because I went out for dinner wearing the comfiest attire because I thought we'd only go out for dinner, but then we had to meet some people and my outfit wasn't ready. 

3.     Are you finally out? Please visit board game cafes. You will not regret this, I swear. There you have it, a perfect way to catch up with friends. 

4.     Finally be serious with stuff you've always abandoned (like getting up to shoot for The Thursday Club or whatever your brand is, or your webshow or whatever it is that you have always wanted to do.) Yes, I should've done something about this brand a long time ago. Anyway, the pictures here are taken from the shoot. 

5.     Learn a new dance routine or exercise. 2 weeks ha? Two weeks, go see the difference. 

6.     Clean your room 24/7. I've been doing this since Labor Day and it's getting boring actually. Try rearranging it also, see what fits. 

7.     Finish a book. It's going to be really fulfilling, believe me. Try reading Dangerous girls by Abigail Haas or This is our Story by Ashley Elston. Go check this old link out: Books you should read and Book reviews

         8.  Finish journal entries —applicable to those who religiously write every single day in their journals. Anyone? No? Ok. Well, I've been keeping a journal since 2010 and have not skipped a date. The contents are not melodramatic unless called for,  they're mostly just bullet points of my eventful days. 

9.     Plan out your life, because you have so much time in your hands, you're finally not glued to the screen. 

10.  Sleep. 

            Flower Crowns: The Thursday Club 
Swimsuit: Soak Swimwear

Photo By: Danielle Gaston 

Anyway good news to those who visit my blog. The Thursday Club is giving out a PHP 50 discount for every flower crown. All you need to do is take a screenshot of this post and send it to them when you order. Promo is up until June 30, 2017.

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