Yellow & Other Bright Things

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I never thought I’d actually come to a point where I'd buy anything yellow, let alone pieces of clothing. It isn’t on my list of favourite colors, but it seems like yellow is slowly becoming the new black (if you ask me). Since we’re on the topic of all things happy and bright, here are some things I’m beyond excited about!

1.      The Thursday Club!
Nope, it’s not a club that only happens on Thursdays. However, it’s even better. A little birdie told me they decided to launch a new and improved look for the shop. The Thursday Club is the paradigm shift you’ve been waiting for, so stay tuned and follow them on Instagram at @thethursdayclubph.

2.      New Seasons!
 Brand new seasons from my favorite series are always something to be excited about. For example, How To Get Away With Murder. It’s everyone’s favorite show. I mean, who isn’t watching this show by now? They have yet to announce a release date for season 4, so I’ll be waiting till then. Also, we’re all asking the same question: Who killed Jason Blossom? I, for one, cannot wait to figure out who killed Jason by the end of the first season! Finally, there is one more show I’m dying to get started on: 13 Reasons Why. I know, I’m pretty late and I’ve already seen a few spoilers, but this was my favorite book back in high school.  I know I said that was the last show I’m excited about, but I’ve got to mention one more. Apart from resonating with the title already, I quickly got obsessed with Girlboss because of Sofia Amoruso (the main character) and her go-getter personality. Anyway, I’m beyond excited to binge watch all of my favorite TV shows.

3.      The Rebirth of Salon de Rose!
They rebranded into something that celebrates a new generation of excellence in beauty and wellness. They gracefully started 2017 with a new fire for creative innovation, customer service excellence and a new make-up collection entitled Phoenix. I’m beyond honored to be chosen as one of the ambassadors because who doesn’t love a team that’d make me look and feel good. To be honest, I was never really fond of pampering sessions, since I never really had the time to look good. Scratch that – it’s not that I had no time, I just never maintained long and pretty nails or never even combed my hair unless completely necessary, so it came as a surprise (and a blessing, frankly) to be chosen. It’s now become a personal motivation to maintain healthy locks and clean nails! Based on my frequent visits and Instagram stories and posts, I’ve never felt more taken care of at Salon de Rose.

4.      Moving Out!
I doubt that it’ll be as soon as June, but it’s good to be hopeful. Moving out means a change of environment, but whether or not they have WiFi determines how good of an idea moving out is. Kidding! I simply can't wait to move out. I can’t begin to thank my mom for making this possible. I owe you and papi everything.

5.      New Job Description! 
Of course, there will be birthing pains here and there, but I never say no to new adventures and an opportunity to learn. Jeez, I sound like a member from Hi5. I just can’t help but feel excited about this since I’ve always wanted to explore the digital area. After all, we are living in a digital age! I’m both pumped and terrified. Not an ideal combo, but that means it matters. And this definitely matters.


You ever notice the way a leaf slowly decays after it falls off the tree? Yeah, that’s how I’ve been feeling lately. My body has been all sorts of dysfunctional for the past few weeks. I’m always tired and my eating habits have not been the best. I definitely should do something about it, but I’ve been sticking with the same routine and my body just can’t handle rapid changes. I’ve been trying to change my workout habits in the slightest, but these routines get super boring and mundanity has never been my thing, which is why I cannot wait for Labor Day weekend. I had an epic Saturday night that was totally one for the books last week, so um, Labor day weekend I hope you live up to your name k? I’m finally going home (that already establishes this weekend as the best weekend ever), which means I’m going to have time to do everything! I’ve already made plans to run or jog (maybe both) and go snorkeling. I’m definitely going to figure out how I’m going to transition from decaying leaf to a blooming lotus flower, but I’m hoping this weekend is going to be the therapy my body needs.

Dress: Forever21

Photo by: Danielle Gaston

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