Clear skin and good hair days

8:42 PM

After a year of suffering from breakouts, I finally have clear skin! (Buyag, buyag, hahahah I sound like an old hag). Let me just express my extreme gratitude to my parents for funding me to get rid of all the nasty zits, I swear they were the first ones who freaked tf out after seeing their kid with so much pimples. 

Thank you Dr. Ong for giving me antibiotics and other skin thingies to get rid of them dirty bitches. 

To everyone who’s been suffering from acne, here’s an advice from someone who went through the same, horrible thing: 

Do not self medicate. Go to a dermatologist and not some random beauty clinic. I swear self medication doesn’t work 100 percent, if you want to get your clear skin back, visit a doctor, it pays in the long run. 

Let’s talk about hair his time, I can’t give a review yet and I have no clue as to why I started using oil but so far my locks smell so good, and they’re always in place. 

Photos by: Rocky Roska 

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