20 date ideas

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I want this to be timely and since Valentine’s day is just around the corner I'm going to give you a list of date ideas. I don't like Valentine’s day at all, it’s so useless, I don’t even see the point considering that there is still work or even school on the 14th so why do we even celebrate? I guess I will only learn to love it once I start arranging flowers then yes, sana everyday ang Valentines.
These date ideas doesn’t apply on the 14th only because you guys apparently have work/school *winks*. In my opinion these are really lit activities for you and your temporary soulmate.

1. Movie marathon. You’ll never go wrong with movies, especially when it’s a first date and you’re not quite sure if you can carry out a 3 hour conversation.
2. Board games. Test the waters if they’re shallow.
3. Go out on a hike. Very intimate, very peaceful. Tried this with a really cute guy I wasn't sure about. It was so spontaneous, lovely to be enveloped with a breathtaking view.
4. Brunch. A better way to start your day. Plus points for the morning person.
5. Music festival. No efforts here, no need to super entertain your partner or even talk to them. 
6. Paddle board. On a lake. 
7. Spin class. Don't force them into it if they are not athletic. You can also try a new sport like Squash.
8. Watch a play. Be cultured, kidding. Get a dose of real art once in a while. 
9. Ice cream. This will be a cute afternoon date. No one's too old for ice cream anyway. 
10. Dress up date in some fancy restaurant. Then you can go watch a play afterwards.

11. Kayaking. The best. I tried this with my best friend though, in the middle of a storm, one of the worst ideas we've had, but it was sooooo fun.
12. Park and chill and eat and music. This is  quite intimate, perfect if you guys are having a shaky relationship and are about to break-up or if one of you has to leave. 
13. Baking. A great way to bond and learn from each other, then you can eat the space brownies while watching an episode of How to Get Away with Murder. 
14. Watching the sunset. Or the stars, anything will do. You'll have golden photos 
15. Art museum. Learn with them.
16. Beach. Don't ever do this on a first date though.
17. Snorkeling. See the world underwater. 
18. Concert. There's a vibe a concert gives that's unexplainable. Embrace it with your date. 
19. Road trip.  I'm about to run out of ideas here, so this is actually my dad's.
20. Bonfire. Plus ghost stories? No? Are you scared? Okay then, let's go with smores.

This doesn't only apply to couples, so go out and do it with your best friends!

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