Year-end takeaways

2:29 AM

1. Experience beats theory.

2. You don't always meet connections at work, sometimes you meet them at the bar

3. If the kitchen gets too hot, leave. 

4. If your mom says she doesn't like the guy then don't fucking date the guy. There's nothing left to prove.

5. Skipping breakfast is a bad idea. 

6. To get there, you have to take the first step —and mind you, everything will be a breeze after that. Remember that shyness will ruin opportunities.

7. Spontaneous adventures are good for the soul.

8. You don't always have to explain yourself, people will understand what they choose to understand. 

9. I don't really know what I want to do or want to be in a couple of years, but 2016 verified the things that I don't want to continue doing for 2017. 

10. You can down that rum on a work day, just make sure you still get 8 hours of sleep. Also, if you can go home early, please do. You need to sleep. 

11. ‪Know that you can take your time, but don't take too long. Just keep moving forward, don't get stuck and don't take a step back. ‬

12. Be super adventurous even with the things you eat. 

13. Always listen. Be very observant. 

14. If you plan to lie, you gotta be smooth with all your supporting statements, nonetheless, deny till you die. If you lie, don't stop midway. Well basically, in anything that you do, don't stop midway.

15. Some people will pretend to help you, don't give in.

16.  The thick line between chivalry and "douchebagery" has never been this evident. 

17. If you're having a bad day, take a shower.

18. Heels are life changers. It might hurt so bad but best believe, a good pair can take you places (thank you LACUU, I'm now able to wear heels for for a good 16 hours).

19. Patience indeed, will also take you places. 

20. Have an anxiety buster playlist, it really helps. 

21. Have a bamboo bank. Do you know what a bamboo bank is? It's a piggy bank, but bamboo. I know it's bad for the country's economy to be keeping coins, but  this will help you save. Also, don't ever make the mistake of putting bills and coins together, the paper will rot. 

22. It has been a year of "you're so young" comments and "you're brave" compliments‪. It makes me think about all the endless possibilities, so yeah, I'm less pressured now. ‬

23. Salt water cures; i.e. the beach, your tears, the glass with water and salt that you gargle. 

24. It has been a year of first dates and awkward besos but nonetheless its takeaways were amazing. 

25. The quote "what's bad for the heart is good for the art" is real af. I was pretty much heartbroken when I started writing my book A Glass of Whiskey, Please. I'm halfway through. 

26. Being smart wont take you places if you're unethical.

27. There is no point in being a part of a situation you aren't happy about, no point in also doing things you don't like unless if that's the staircase that will bring you to the room you've always wanted, regardless, don't bother walking. 

28. If he doesn't love you anymore, fucking ditch the person, trust me on this, you'll find someone better, you just have to wait. 

29. You can actually learn a lot from the conversations you have with your Uber and Grabcar drivers. Sometimes they give solid advice.

30. If you hesitate, stop. If you're not sure, don't do it — unless if you enjoy the thrill of uncertainty. 

31. A bar may not be the most ideal place to find a potential partner, but so is a coffee shop. 

32. People are so temporary, don't jump in right away, don't be emotionally attached because they might have been texting you the entire month but one day you'll wake up without them anymore, I swear they evaporate any day. 

33. Even if an idea pops up at  2AM, you write it down regardless of the dizzying light from your phone. Also, write down your dreams. 


35. You can always reinvent yourself, ideally with a new bunch of people in another island. Make friends, the more the merrier, but you should also know which ones to keep.

36. ‪Fabric conditioners make good bathroom cleaners. ‬

37. The pancakes and scrambled eggs made from your rice cooker might be shit, but you gotta finish it or else you'll be gutom forevs. Always have cookies and mints in your bag because you'll never know what time your next meal will be. 

38. Plan dates, dress up for them, try something new, learn from them and have fun. 

39. Nurse your drink.

40. Always remember that there are worst things. 

Top and Bottom: Forever21
Shoes: Adidas
Creative Director: Christopher Varela
Photographer: Danielle Gaston

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