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One of my New Year's resolution last 2015 was to read more since I wasn't able to last year. These are the books I've finished and I'm making a mini review about it and how I feel with each of them. The stars are mainly based on my own opinion considering that all of us have different preferences. NO SPOILERS, OF COURSE. I have only read 19 books since my schedule was kinda tight. Anyway, the reason why the cover's a gif of a burning house is that I want you to read the book it represents which is We'll never be apart. I will also be introducing a website for bookworms, it's very helpful, you're welcome. It's actually so hard for me to settle on a book considering that I am easily distracted. What I usually do is to swim through my options, read the first part and if it grasps my attention then that's it. Sometimes, I listen to suggestions, then there's also Bookseer which I will be introducing at the last part. So these are the books for now. 

Confessions by Kanae Minato: January 5, 2016  (4 stars)
Genre: Thriller, Crime and Drama

This is the kind of book that grasps its readers. The story is set in Japan and the way it's written is similar to Stephen King's Dolores Claiborne except this time, the protagonist isn't talking to the police but her own class (this refers to the first part only). It was divided into different perspectives, the teacher, a student, B's sister and the mom all merged into one, B and A. My favorite is Yuko's part since it gave out too much. The book kept me on my toes for quite some time. I love how it's "Asian", a breath of fresh air. It's so thrilling I wanted to finish it right away! This book has sparked my love for Japanese authors. Perhaps I found the statement in page 20 a plot twist (even if it's too early for such? Is it? I've never encountered plot twists this early though) because I didn't read the summary at the back of the novel. This one freaked me out. Also, someone planted a bomb on the date of my birthday, in the book. A's perspective left my eyes a little wet. Anyway the characters are all hardcore. Most perspectives are dark and creepy. As I was reading the book, I tried determining who was good and otherwise but then everything was a blame game and it's kinda hard to give sympathy to the victims. The different perspectives gives you an idea of where all the rage is coming from.  It's a test of how strong your morals are.

The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp. January 8, 2016  (4 Stars)
Genre: Coming of age story and Comedy

I've watched the movie before and I guess it left me empty considering that I don't remember anything except Sutter's problem which was living in the now and on how it drained me. I don't usually read the book if I have already seen the movie, however I was forced by a cousin because she said it was so much better than the movie, so I did. Sutter Keely, is the protagonist and he is very funny and intellectual regardless of being an alcoholic, which screws him up. I have no issues whatsoever with people drinking, but if they start acting really shitty, I automatically walk away and leave, bye and good luck. Sutter has this theory of living in the now (there's this guy who courted me and told me not to worry about the future, worry about what's happening today and I'm like nuh-uh dude, I have some goals and ambition so I guess you kinda know how it resulted). So yeah, just like me, all the girls in the story have the same issues with Sutter. I totally get them, some of us like boys with ambitions. Sutter is genuinely a nice guy who makes stupid decisions and his journey is fun and realistic, you can't put the book down. He also helps this girl and gives her an inner makeover. This is what I like about Sutter, he helps the bullied and the pushovers. We need more people like this. The character I pity and don't like at the same time is Aimee, she's a boring jell-o and drinks way to much too. This book is like dealing with the transition from school and the world after it. It's comforting, actually. Sutter's so fun but sometimes, being fun is not enough especially if you're irresponsible. 

Looking at Paintings: Families by Peggy Roalf. January 11, 2016  ★ (2 stars)
Genre: Art?

The book isn't bad, my drive towards reading it, is. I wouldn't have read this at all if we weren't required to. Bless the heavens it's loaded with pictures. It's a very informative book too. Read, read, read this piece because you have a comprehensive exam first thing next week.

We'll Never Be Apart by Emiko Jean. January 13, 2016 ★ (5 stars) 
Genre: Thriller 

Disclaimer: I wrote this mini review while I was reading the book, not after, because if I did, I'd be giving out too much. Know that I don't intend to destroy a beautiful book.

“Shit, baby. I’m burning up.” I don't know what to make of this statement, I'm sorry Jason. I am not quite sure if jealousy is a green-eyed monster, or Cellie herself is the monster. I like how the story is set in a mental institution. I don't know what I'm gonna do if my twin was like that. I liked how it involved fire, they loved playing with it. It's a fresh concept to me and it's pretty neat. I love the symbolism and the part where Allie made a whole pride of lions from origami papers to guard them in the closet. Their experiences were I guess enough to drive them mad? I never liked Jason but I felt bad when there was only one person in his wake. My favorite character is Chase, not even explaining why. There's so much rage in this book. Cellie and Jason have been creeping me out the whole time, they remind me of really, evil people even though if there were reasons behind their actions. The statement "I walked right past him" was the reason why I slept at 2 in the morning in hopes of finishing the book, I was just too stunned. It's not even a highlight of anything at all but then I got goosebumps after reading that part, the same feeling I had after going past the statement "I win" in the book, Dangerous Girls. I was waiting the whole time for the biggest plot twist considering that "Dangerous Girls" and "We were Liars" had epic ones. I know you're not supposed to compare them since they're all different but I just can't help it.This book is very interesting you can't put it down. I like the style on how the flashbacks came in as journal entries, it makes it easier to understand. I love comprehensive books. LOL. I wish the book had a better cover though. 

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. January 30  (3 stars)
Genre: Romance

It's all about first love. It's adorable. Teens should read it, especially those who are like 12 or 14. It's a cute book and it's very light. I read it before going to bed everyday. I hate Eleanor's step dad. They're going to remain in the poverty line with or without him anyway and everyone knows how bad he is, I wonder why Eleanor's mom decides to stay with him. If this was my stepdad, he would've been either in jail or at the cemetery. The book is kinda sad though. It took me a while to finish this cos it's a bit dragging for a 20 year old.

Goosebumps: The Werewolf of Fever Swamp by R.L. Stine. April 1, 2016 ★ (4 stars)
Genre: Horror

The last time I read a book was on January because I was too busy making my short film, sorting out my life, and graduating! Don't even ask why I'm reading Goosebumps, it's part of my system. You should never be shy for reading books that are not appropriate for your age anymore. It doesn't matter if you read Nancy Drew at 34 or Dr. Suess at 27, as long as it keeps you entertained, then everything's good, there's nothing to be ashamed of. I am open about my love for Goosebumps, I will read them forever.  R.L. Stine was also my favorite author back when I was a kid. My favorites are Deep Trouble and Ghost beach. Yup, they're all set on a beach. All I can say is, once you read one, you will definitely keep looking for a new book to read. It's just so fun! I like the plot in The Werewolf of Fever Swamp. It's fresh and all. I like Goosebumps because it's so fast. Also, I can't dive into heavy lit considering that I'm currently making another short film. 

Night of the Living Dummy II is pretty cool too. Haha 

The Book of Art by Herve Tullet. April 2, 2016 ★ (4 stars) 
Genre: Art

This is actually an interactive book for preschoolers, yet my friend got this for me. The gesture speaks a lot.This was her graduation gift because it reminded her so much of me. Flip the pages and make your own art. This is entertaining and smart, kids will definitely enjoy this. I love it. I really don't know what to do with the book though but I cant stop taking pictures and flipping the pages. It's by far very entertaining and light. Is this the first book of it's kind? Well it's the first time I've ever encountered something like this.

Slasher Girls and Monster Boys by April Genevieve Tucholke. April 6, 2016 ★ (3 stars) 
Genre: Horror

I like anthologies. I have been looking for a copy for quite some time already and then one evening, my cousin mentioned the book and I was ecstatic. It's fun considering that there are plenty of stories written by different authors and they're all scary, what more can you ask for? My favorite is Sleepless it gave me the creeps when the girl went inside his car, I also panicked, I mean after all this time you're ****. Sorry I shouldn't be giving out too much. I also like the story about the March Hare, the setting is A+, it's so artistic I could feel the scene's beauty. The story Hide and Seek and M killed the entire book, I had to skip those parts because it made me so pissed and annoyed. If I didn't, I wouldn't have finished the novel up to now. I couldn't understand or let's say I refuse to. The part "The girl without a face" was idk, *rolls eyes*, I swear that drunk closet girl didn't get any sympathy from me at all, I mean she drank too much which led her to be emotionally unstable and suicidal or maybe she always had it in her, I don't care, she's so annoying and dude, you're human, you can control things, she's dead let her stay there, MOVE ON and let her remain at the back of your head, sooner or later she'll be too tired and she'll vanish. It took me quite some time to finish the book because there were some stories that dragged along so I got distracted and started reading other books. There were also some stories that were very graphic yet I couldn't understand. Finished the book at 4:30AM, I couldn't sleep. 

Bilin ni Lola by Arlo Icabandi. April 13, 2016   (3 stars)
Genre: Horror

I read this when I took the bus home from Cebu. I like horror pocket books and even if I'm bad at Filipino I'd still read the books, but beside a Filipino dictionary of course. Anyway, I'm a sucker for these things. Filipino horror books are really scary because of the culture it embodies, also, it's something close to the heart. Going back to the book, I can't quite determine whether they're rich, middle class or poor. I can't quite picture out what Leanne is like. The author should've described her more or put scenes that'll make us have a clearer picture of the main character. It's kind of like, Bob Ong's novel since it also revolved around the old woman especially during the first parts of the book. I was just too excited to find out what the secret is, are they witches? Aswang? What are they? Oh, maybe they just like to kill. I was in a hurry to finish the book, what I dislike about this is that the scary parts were usually nightmares. I hate books with too many dreams. I really like how the author placed a chapter that explained the whole truth, my mind is finally at peace. I love family secrets, which is exactly why I bought the book in the first place. What I also like about these Wattpad books is that you get everyone's point of view, even the monster's. I don't like how it ended and the last scenes were pretty dragging too, the one with the fire and all. 

Bob Ong's Ang mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan is what moved me to reconsider reading these kinds of books. It's one of a kind, my favorite actually. Also, please do read Class 3C has a Secret. It's really nice regardless of the violence in it (R18). 

Hue Can Do It. April 22, 2016 ★ (5 stars)
Genre: Coloring book

I've had this since last year, well ever since the coloring book fiasco, I've been buying book after book after book but then this summer I've finally put all my attention into it. It might take up some of my time but it's therapeutic. Out of the three adult coloring books that I have, this one is my favorite. 

Daughters of an Ancient Fairy 1 and 2 by Rosahlee Bautista and Arnold Cruz. April 30, 2016  (1 star)
Genre: Fantasy (Comics)

I didn't know it was such a kiddy book because of its cover but then I don't think kids should also read it because of the story. Book 1 was packed with scenes of the couple having sex. Although it only showed their faces, I wouldn't want my 10 year old reading it. Also, there's a scene in the tub and that's where I raised my flag —no this is definitely not for grade schoolers. However, the conversations are too kiddy. It seemed like the illustration and the way it's written did not match. 

Wink Poppy Midnight by April Genevieve Tucholke. May 15, 2016  (4 stars) 
Genre: Mystery

This is not one of my favorite books but it really is a page turner, I got the book to keep me company for I will be living alone for a while but then I couldn't help but finish it right then and there because it's different and interesting. While reading I have come across tons of conversations/sayings that are kinda stuck and they're all pretty and true, so true it sends daggers straight to your heart. 

I don't understand why Midnight allows himself to be manipulated by both the nice girl and the villain. What in the world, Midnight grow some balls. Wink's bullshitting her way through everything and I've always despised her perspective, she's too caught up in her fairy land or whatever you call it. I can't imagine why someone like Midnight would actually believe her. 

Fairy tales are not always comforting jsyk. I can't exactly give this a perfect 5 because it didn't make me feel anything at all, there's something missing from this book that I can't seem to grasp. The story however, is very pretty. I don't know how else to describe it.

Dirty Pretty Things by Michael Faudet. August 7, 2015  (4 stars) 
Genre: Poetry

I love this book, it's so casual. I'm writing this review on a bleak Thursday morning. Time-check 4:37AM. I read it because it makes me go to sleep —not because it's boring but because it calms me down every single time. 
I actually woke up crying, I couldn't go back to sleep, so this book is keeping me company, what a breather.  He's my aesthetic when it comes to poets. 

Confessions of a Wild Child by Jackie Collins.August 27, 2016 ★ (5 stars)
Genre: Romance, Adventure

What a funny read! Their adventure was really entertaining. Her escapades were bomb. You guys should read this during the summer. The wit from the lead character will leave you laughing your ass out.

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. September 18, 2016 ★ (5 stars)
Genre: Poetry

This is my favorite poetry book or whatever you call it. This is kinda the opposite of Dirty Pretty Things, although they had similarities like the theme sex, but this one is sad and disturbing, glad it was only in the first part. On the later pages, you'll uncover how sad and beautiful it is to be heart broken. 

It's just so real. It's an eyeopener, especially the part "yelling at your kids because you love them" etc. Well, for one, I hope the author's fine —and I know you should never associate everything with it's author, I don't like it when people give meaning to each character in my book, I mean some of them can be completely made up. It doesn't mean that this character represents my current boyfriend whatsoever. All these Tumblr things I reblog, I found it on the book, tears well up for utter familiarity. This book is my anxiety buster, a cure for the sinner. 

Ashes to Ashes by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian. November 22, 2016 ★ (2 stars)
Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy

I like books that have different perspectives because I also want to know what goes on in some of the character's heads and on how they feel towards each other, this is why the book I'm currently writing has different perspectives. I have my favorites and my least favorites  my favorite perspective however, doesn't necessarily mean that I like the character, I just find their views oddly amusing. Anyway, all the perspectives are fine except for Mary's. I kinda skipped some pages because she's very confusing plus she bores me to tears. I almost placed the book down because of her.

(Wrote this on the near end) Holy smokes, give me 50 pages and I'm done. What the hell, I didn't even realize this book was a thriller! I'm writing this at like 11:23 in the evening and I still have work tomorrow but I can't put it down. What the actual fuck. Why is it like this? I think I'm taken aback since I didn't read the summary found at the back of the book and I couldn't search it anymore because I don't have internet connection right now. I don't even know the direction of the book. Enough about the sketchy reaction. I don't wan't to spoil this.  

Someone my age would probably not like the book also, but anyway, the cover itself is misleading. 

Mouthful of Forevers by Clementine von Radics. November 25, 2016. ★ (5 stars)
Genre: Poetry

I'm not entirely into poetic rhymes that are hollow, deep and pretentious. This inspired me to continue writing. This collection of poems are so simple, it cuts right through you. I was sitting on the floor gasping for air as I flip virtual pages of this collection. This was my water.

This is Our Story by Ashley Elston. December 7, 2016 ★ (5 stars or 10)
Genre: Thriller

The books I really really like have awful titles. Anyway, being hooked with a book is just like falling in love, sometimes you don't like the first few parts, first few dates, so you ditch them. This one got me hooked since page one, fell instantly. I hate prologues yet I read this one. This is actually on my favorite, at par with Dangerous Girls — now that I think of it, this book deserves a ten. 

It's about 4 rich and popular boys who accidentally shot their best friend. The book revolves around the situation, pinpointing who among the four is the actual killer. I really like how the perspective is from a girl who works for a law firm because I'm a frustrated lawyer and this right here, is my dream job.  I don't even question why the killer decided to shoot Grant, because I would've done the same. 

I hate the cover but I love the concept of why it was like that, because the shadow in the middle who's face is covered by a buck's head is the one who was killed because they thought he was a deer. It would've enhanced it more if the deer's head was not porcelain —though I love how every chapter has deer horns.

Anyway, I'm not spoiling anything because you'll encounter this on page one. I couldn't concentrate at work cos I kept thinking about it. I'd read it during breakfast, dinner, the moment I wake up and before I'd go to sleep. 

I finished this in a week because my eyes wouldn't budge anymore. Notice how books that I'm really in to are similar —their plot twists are all wicked.

The Princess Saves Herself in This One by Amanda Lovelace. December 22, 2016 ★ (2 stars)Genre: Poetry

What a sad and dark poetry book, the sister and mother part gave me goosebumps I did not like.
I finished it in a day while I was waiting for someone to pick me up. It's not just sad, it's devastating. 

Okay, so that's it for now, and here's the website as promised. Book seer.
Bookseer is a website that helps you find your next favorite book! All you have to do is type a book you have always loved and then it will show you the ones that are similar to it, come on, give it a try. If you need some suggestions, feel free to leave your comments or you can send me a message and I will try to be your human book seer, you can also click here.

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