Have complete control over your life

12:01 AM

Do what you want, although there might be determining factors as to why you are not allowed to, but that's your life. Go do it —as long as it doesn't involve others, putting them in a nasty situation that might possibly endanger them.

You should have that much courage in your soul to do the things you want, because this is your life and I will repeat that as much as I can so that you may be able to absorb the fact that you have complete control over it.

There are situations that may be out of our hands, but think about the decisions, the choices we make? We have that much power within us.

If it's been 2 months already and you wake up to another week filled with dread, fix your life. Deep in your heart, you are aware of what is wrong. Take action, don't allow yourself to be swallowed in "sadness" and desperation.

There are so many things to do, so many opportunities to be happy, choose that. Do what is right for you, what you think is good for the mind.

So if you're ever caught in a situation that may entail picking between loving what you do and doing what you love, choose the latter. We can't force ourselves to love. If you feel like a quitter, know that you are not. It's just acting upon all the screaming signs and realizations —you've had enough.

Also, if your Monday morning shake consists of tequila, reevaluate your situation and do something about it already

Dress: Terranova
Photo by: Danielle Gaston

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