21 Birthday Resolutions

7:54 PM

1. Finish writing 2 books.

2. Start making long term goals.

3. Create at least 3 short films this year.

4. SAVE!

5. Yoga during weekends because my crush bought me a mat for my birthday. Worry not, he won't see this post, I hope, unless if he's a curious little shit.

6. Be fluent in another language, specifically SPANISH.

7. Focus. Focus. Focus.

8. Do something healthy like going to the gym or run. DRINK YUCKIE JUICE ONCE A WEEK. Take a spoonful of honey every day, drink tea on Sundays, not skipping vitamins. Prioritize health.

9. Perpetually write on my diary and not wait for it to bulk up.

10. Be even more creative, paint more and draw.


12. Read a book or two every month.

13. Start thinking about a business

14. Lose belly fat

15. Have 2 posts per month on your blog and at least an episode of Afternoons with Ari too.

16. Transfer iPhone files immediately to your external every after 3 weeks. Be more organized.

17. Sleep at 10PM! Haha

18. Watch even more movies!

19. Revive an old talent, dancing.

20. Grow my cactus collection and change the pots.

21. Cook every time I go back to Dumaguete.

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