What if he comes back?

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Disclaimer: I'm NOT caught up in this situation at all. This post is for all my indecisive friends who ask the same questions, I'm kinda tired of having to "copy paste" all my answers eh, so this one's for you

I've been interrogated countless of times and have also faced this dilemma at one point in my life. Friends have asked me questions, asked for my opinion on who to pick and on what to do. Here's the thing, I am as indecisive as you are, but this situation doesn't call for contemplation. NOT ONE BIT.

Situation: You loved him before, and you love him still. He left you, and you thought it was for good. You used to pray he'd come back, you cursed yourself for allowing it to slip from your fingers. Suddenly, a knight in shinning leather jacket comes, and he somehow makes you forget you had a prince. After living your happily ever after with this new guy, the previous one comes back—and he's something you have been waiting for but you currently have a lover.

Here's a hypothetical conversation to better understand what's on the brink.

"All this time I was waiting for you, every night I'd wake up, wishing you'd come back, and what's happening now appears to be a dream for me, but sometimes we forget dreams and remember nightmares— you were never a nightmare, you leaving, was." Jill said.

"I was stupid for letting you go, but I think whats more stupid is the thought that I was irreplaceable," Jack replied.

"I can't let go of him now, we have come too far, the timing isn't right, but that doesn't make me love you any less" Jill said.

"So pick" Jack retorted.

"I'm afraid, I can't."
Jill whispered

End of hypothetical conversation

Woah woah woah, slow down woman. You sleep. Think about it before going to bed, think about it when you wake up, and don't you dare prolong the agony. And what do you mean you cant pick?!

See here's the advice you guys longed for and this is what you should do: Raise your middle finger and say, "too late loser." Im joking, just evaluate the situation.

1. Is your present just a "panakip butas?" or is he more than that?

2. Put yourself in Mr. Present's shoes, would it be fair to reconsider?

It all boils down to this; if you love this guy atm, then you wouldn't even have second thoughts.

This isn't something worth contemplating, really. I've been in this situation too, twice, I've tried both resolutions, I was happy and bored with the results and here's what I can say;

Leave the past where it belongs (unless if it's mending broken friendships, but let it lurk there). See, the mere act of contemplating shows that you don't deserve to be in a relationship right now, and I suggest you leave, unless if you really want to pick, then i'll leave you to that.

Lol can't believe I'm doing this. But okay, this might help you dear friend, good luck.

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