9 things a 20 something should have already outgrown

5:07 AM


1    1. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Nobody cares if you don't go to the party. Is it in a new bar or is it a big festival? Is it Sinulog? No? Okay then, there's no need to worry. You're going to meet the same crowd, same drinks, same crazy hangover - same thing, different day.


2. Flunking in school. A round of applause to you, if you are one of the many, hardworking students who aim high and hit the mark. If you aren't, re-evaluate your current situation. Most of us have made tons of bad decisions, we have been fighting the consequences of bad choices but it's about time you do better. Today is your chance of fixing it and I suggest you do it now. This is something you won’t regret, let's start taking education seriously.


3. Being late. Maybe this will fall on the decency part of an individual? Anyway, you know better. "Late" is a dark spirit that will drag you down the ladder of success. Being late will always put you in a bad light. Also, it is quite embarrassing to arrive late.

4.Being a bully. It might have been socially acceptable years ago but I guess you're too old to be picking on someone till now. Why are you being rude to the waiter now? See, stop being that high school bully you once were — because we know your life sucks, no one loves you, stop being a monster. If you're the one being bullied, fight back and learn to stand up for yourself. Be Karma itself and stop being a pushover. If you're the one who witnessed this "catastrophic" occurrence, think about this: "What would Jesus do?" 

5Broadcasting every single detail of your life online. Nobody gives a damn about your headache or how sweet your boyfriend is. People will feast on rants about your ex, and your fake best friend. Nobody cares. The world has too many issues.

6. Not cleaning. In about 6-10 years, you're getting married, having children and building an empire. If you want your place to look like a dump site then go ahead. 

8. Not looking at the links your friends are sending. Stop being rude! Imagine if it was you who sent the videos? How would you feel if they ignored it too? They're sending it to you since it matters to them and they want you to acknowledge that. Quit being narcissistic and stop being lazy. Most of us don't actually give a damn, we're not entirely interested but as respectful individuals, suck it all up and click the link. A 5 minute video never killed nobody. 

9. Making too much excuses. You think we still fall for that? If you don't want to do it, say so. If you don't want to go, let them know. Don't be a compulsive liar. RSVP. 

That's all I could think of for now, and I'm not even a 20 something, I'm just 20. If a 20 year old can clearly pinpoint what's shady in the picture, then I bet the older ones can, too. 

Top: Wow Them Boutique
Bottom: Mossimo
Watch: Citizen
Cap: My Dirty Dancing cap
Shoes: Given
Photo by: Charlemagne Balasa assisted by Alana Gayle McCulloch
(They both wanted to play with their new lens)

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