Hoarce B. Silliman Art Exhibition

6:07 AM

I was waiting for my grades on a super hot Wednesday afternoon and I got bored, so I went to the area and since it was early in the afternoon, nobody was there. I am a sucker for art and I have always been fond of art exhibits. Since I only had limited time considering all the grades I still had to ask for, I decided to take a quick video.

I immediately took a video using my phone. This is just a glimpse of the exhibit.  By the way, I was checking out this app for editing and decided to give it a shot considering that it's so easy to use, plus it's the first time that I uploaded a video on Vimeo too! Check out my account: CLICK HERE.

I hope the artist would consider selling this creepy crawler because my aunt will definitely buy it. 

It took me a while to actually figure out that this was a dog since I kept on looking at its body.

We were asked by our arts teacher to paint a cylinder, sphere and a cone.  She said it will serve as our project. I was sick that time and I really didn't want to deal with the paint's odor but since it was red, I was down for it.  I knew it was going to be an installation of some sort but I never expected it to look like this. Yey, I'm a contributor now!


My spirit animal!

 Well I guess that's it for now! I also asked my friend Jed, who happens to be a fine arts student, about the artists so here's the list he gave:

Stress Girl - Dolly Jane Sordilla
Zone- Vina Puallete Tejano
Traces- Hans de Baras
Matchbox Warriors - Ramon Adonis Catacutan
Hazards and Harmony- Ramsid Labe
Comic Delirium- Jed Guasa

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