Love, Mom

5:28 AM

Love, Mom is actually the first "short film" I've ever made, we'll I'm not quite sure if it is but then it was categorized as one. This was in compliance of my Literature 22 class LAST YEAR (March 2015). So yeah, this is something that I've made ABOUT A YEAR AGO, not to mention doing everything in 5 days. Know that this is not the movie I've been working my ass of this semester, I hope you're not confused. Sorry it took me too long to post it, but here it is! I guess it's timely, that I post it now, considering that I'm currently in the process of making A LEGIT SHORT FILM so that I can graduate this March. I'll be uploading the movie on March I guess? Together with the poster and trailer. This is purely a montage of her son as she reads her letter to him. 

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