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This will be one of my longest post ever. I will be doing a mini review or state my brief experience about the films that I've seen last 2015. Yep, I listed them down. By the way, I'll also be putting stars on the films you should watch. 

0. Movie - Date - whom I watched it with.

1. The Silver Linings Playbook : January 4 (Danielle) Genre: Comedy I was watching the first part alone and then Danielle arrived and I was complaining on how annoying the movie was. A minute after I was ranting, I was laughing non-stop to the point that I was crying already. (Yes I have a weird sense of humor because I went rofl in the scene where he was pacing in the middle of the night in his parent's room, talking about a book and the scenes after that.) It took me a long time to stop laughing. (In a group, I'm always the last person to stop laughing. Embarrassing but oh well.) I probably won't recommend this movie, but I will most likely remember the experience. The title is really catchy. 2. The Call : January 5 (Alone)
Genre: Suspense This is such a thrilling movie! I was screaming in the middle of the day. I watched this after my boyfriend suggested that I'd do so. One of the best suspense movie I've ever seen. I like how it ended too. 3. The Interview : January 25 (Danielle) Genre: Comedy James Franco was the bomb. He was never subtle which made it even more funny. I like the part where he went out and the media were all around him and he was walking to the car, he said something that was really funny. I can't remember the exact words but it cracked me up. 4. Eden: January 29 (Danielle) Genre: Crime, Drama We were expecting some action in the movie. It felt so short. It wasn't graphic and schools should show movies like this to raise awareness. 5. Into the woods: February 3 (Alone) Genre: Musical I watched this in school, since I was seated at the back. It was so fun. I'm a sucker for musicals and fairytales so this was fairly entertaining. It got me singing "into the woods" the following day. 6. Taken 3: February 17 (Parents) Genre: Action I usually watch action movies with my parents. It's so hard to get them to watch a movie with me, because of our schedules. Anyway, everyone in my family loves a good action film, so this movie is perfect. 

7. Love, Rosie: February 18 (Alone) Genre: Romantic Comedy The movie did not give justice to the book. The movie came out as depressing. I don't remember it being really sad, it was supposed to be a funny kind of sad. Anyway, go read the book. 8. That thing called Tadhana: February 21 (Alone) Genre: Romantic Comedy Wow, one of the best indie film I've seen so far! It was very entertaining and the theme was heartbreak plus the roadtrip was ideal. It's a very refreshing movie, and real. Very relatable. 9. Ted: Feb 22 (Alone) Genre: Comedy Dragging. I don't even remember some parts. 10. The possession of Michael King: February 28 (Danielle) Genre: Horror It was just like Paranormal Activity but a little bit better? It wasn't scary. 11. Penguins of Madagascar: March 4 (Danielle) Genre: Animation The penguins are really tactless and cute which makes the movie funny. 12. Don John: March 4 (Alone) Genre: I have no idea. Comedy daw. This movie's different. I've never heard of a plot like that, it makes you see men in a different ray of bad light. Are guys really like that? It kinda freaked me out. 13. 50 shades of Grey: March 6 (Alone) Genre: Romance The soundtrack's nice. I don't know what to feel after watching that movie. It was overrated. 14. Woman in Black 2: March 6 (Alone) Genre: Horror Such an awful movie. Like really awful and boring. The first one was way better than this. 15. Grave of the fireflies: March 28 (Alone) Genre: Animation So much feels in this movie! Really educational. It might be too depressing for kids, but they should watch it.

16. The Hangover 2: March 28 (Alone) Genre: Comedy It was light and funny. Perhaps one of the worst "I woke up like this" times of your life. It teaches us how a lot can happen in one night. I'm not a fan of comedies, but I would reconsider that for this movie. 17. Vampire Academy: March 29 (Alone) Genre: Chick flick I actually watched this with Janssen before, but I was too distracted so I didn't quite get it. The movie reminded me of Vamps. I like how it isn't so technical with the vampire terms and all. 18. Jack the Giant Slayer: March 29 (Alone) Genre: Fantasy *Sleeps* the movie is too long. Anyway, ugh, childhood. So okay, I'll reconsider. 19. The Boy Next Door: March 30 (Danielle) Genre: Thriller Well the guy is a really hot psycho. It's kinda weird though, how it's all "milfy". Disturbing but possible. 20. The Sixth Sense: April 2 (Danielle) Genre: Suspense? It's okaaaaaaaaay.

21. Wolf on Wallstreet : March 31 (Alone) Genre: Comedy All hail King Leo! Wow. Am I the only one who finds this movie inspiring? It was so funny especially the cerebral palsy part? Was it called cerebral palsy? Idk whatever. But I bet you know what I mean, hours after he took lemons. The narration of Leo made it even more funny. His side comments were the best. 22. The Great Gatsby: March 31 (Alone) Genre: Novel Seems like someone's having a Leo movie marathon! Anyway. This is my favorite!!!!!!!! Words can't explain how much I love this film! 23. Warm Bodies: April 5 (alone) Genre: Romance I have watched this and stopped midway and it took me months to watch it again. The lovestory is cute and different. It's timely considering that zombies are very popular at this point of time. The soundtrack is A+ 24. Killer Toon: April 12 (Ritchie) Genre: Horror You know how we all have expectations for Asian horror? Well this was really boring. We ended up talking. 25. Guardians of the Galaxy: April 15 (Ritchie) Genre: Action I think you'll never go wrong with watching action movies with a guy. It will both keep you entertained except if it's Pacific Rim, I slept in the movie house. This one's really nice and fun. The characters are adorable. 26. Bunshinsaba: April 24 (Ritchie) Genre: Horror. Another Asian horror film. Half of the time I was zoning out.

27.Clash of the Titans: April 26 (Alone) Genre: Action? Idk I watched this in my dorm and I don't remember anything. 28. Unfriended: May 2 (Regine) Genre: Horror It was nice because it was different. The way it was shot was different and it kinda worked. 29. Death Bell: May 2 (Regine) Genre: Horror It's a creepy Asian horror film that had a very attractive lead. It was not that bad but not that good either. 30. The Little Rascals: May 2 (Regine) I showed my best friend this movie because it's one of the best movies I've ever seen and I've repeated this for a million times already. It's my favorite ever since I was a kid. Anyway, I fully recommend this one. 31. Paranorman: May 5 (Alone) Genre: Animation Very entertaining! I really enjoy watching animated films and horror movies. I always look forward to that, but of course, as a film enthusiast, I don't really care about the genre anymore, as long as it's a good film then we're good to go. Anyway, going back to Paranorman, it's okay if parents let their kids see this even if it has monsters. It's a really nice movie. 32. The Host: May 16 (Alone) Genre: Science Fiction It was too blank. I couldn't really understand some parts and their points. I didn't like it. 33. 4 Sisters and a Wedding: May 17 (Alone) Genre: Drama, Comedy This is a great film that embodies a Filipino family, the humor was just a plus and the storyline is pretty good. 34. One Day: May 17 (Alone) Genre: Romance It was a full-on romantic film that was so serious and cheesy. I'm a really hard person to make pakilig so, it didn't have any effect on me whatsoever, plus the ending was so bad, I can't. 35. It's kind of a funny story: May 19 (Alone) Genre: Comedy I don't know why I watch movies like this when I'm sad. It makes me even more sad and then it makes me laugh so hard. It makes me realize how some people are crazier than uhm... my current state.

36. Despicable me: Mini movies May 21 (Alone) Genre: Animation I'm glad they were just mini movies. 37. Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones: May 21 (Alone) Genre: Horror I hate all the Paranormal Activity movies, they were too boring. I can watch it in an abandoned building and not get scared. This however, was 30% better than all others. Congratulations. 38. Midnight in Paris: May 25 (Alone) Genre: Intellectual Comedy It's a great Woody Allen film and the French vibe is refreshing. I love the plot! I've learned quite a lot from the movie and I had fun recalling some French legends. 39. Ouija: May 28 (Ritchie) It was nice considering how you don't get a lot of good horror movies this time. It was clean. We didn't get scared since both of us are not what you consider "talawan". 40. Never let me go: June 1 (Danielle) Genre: Speculative fiction They said this was dystopian. It was depressing, it kinda left a hole in me? It was a very hopeless movie. The cinematography is great, I liked the color. I'm kinda particular with the color and the setting of the movie.

41. The Sandman: June 2 (Ana) Genre: Animation Weird cartoons. I can't imagine a kid watching it. 42. Harpya: June 2 (Ana) Genre: Animation WATCH IT. It's different, short, and VERY DISTURBING. The harpy itself was really scary, just go to youtube and type Harpya. Please do. 43. Vincent: June 2 (Ana) Genre: Animation Out of all the movies we watched on June 2, this one's my favorite. The poem was very catchy, Ana and I agreed to tweet some lines. 44. Age of Adaline: June 3 (Regine) Genre: Romance, Drama As much as we all want to remain young forever, this film will make you reevaluate that wish. I really like the actress, my favorite scene would be the part where they sat on the old car, gazing at the stars. This is a very sad movie. It will make you think twice about all your wishes of staying young. 45. Insidious 3: June 5 (Mic and Regine) Genre: Horror I love watching horror films with Regine. We're scared of the same thing. I actually made a review on this CLICK HERE. We prepared for the movie, even dressed up for it. We were so excited, we watched it the moment it went out. We ended up loving the movie. I will forever be an Insidious fan. We screamed a lot. There should be more movies like this. 46. Feng Shui II: June 22 (Regine and Mick) Genre: Horror Feng Shui 1 was way better. 47. Jurassic World: June 14 (Regine) Genre: Science Fiction I wish it existed! Like I wish it was something like Disney world. 48. The Judge: June 17 (Alone) Genre: Drama This made me bawl. It was such a good film, it was deep and everything about it is A+. I will not enumerate why, but grab a copy now. 49. Pitch Perfect 2: June 29 (Alone) Genre: Musical Pitch perfect 1 was waaaaaay better than this. 50. A good marriage: July 5 (Regine and Mick) Genre: Thriller It's from a book written by Stephen King. It was fine. There's no such thing as a perfect marriage. The movie makes you doubtful.
51. Insurgent: July 24 (Alone) Genre: Science Fiction This is just one of my favorite Dystopian trilogy. I like how everything is well-explained and it's not confusing. 52. Paper Towns: July 27 (Regine) Genre: Romance This is so much better than The Fault in our Stars. The movie is really fun and the soundtrack is A+. The plot is different and I love the cinematography and the setting. It's a feel-good teenage movie, very light. 53. Mission Impossible: July 30 (Val and Mike) Genre: Action Film Typical action movie with a hot protagonist. I slept for like 5 minutes and so did Mike, not because the film was bad but because we were just, so tired. I'm not sure if this is the film with the Russian people? I can't remember, but I'm a sucker for their accent. 54. Begin Again: August 2 (Alone) Genre: Romance Resilience at its finest. It's so timely. The outfits of the protagonist were so classy! It's actually a feel good movie because it makes walking away seem like a good idea. Starting all over again might be the antidote of heartbreak. 55. Shrek 1: August 3 (Alone) Genre: Animation My favorite animated movie. This will never get old.

56. Sweeny Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street: August 5 (Alone) This is actually my "finals routine" before, back when I was a freshman, I'd watch Sweeny Todd while studying. I remember it perfectly, gloomy afternoons with Mr. Todd. I can get really creepy sometimes though. 57. Fantastic 4: August 10 (Regine) Genre: Science Fiction It's a cute film with cute leads! 58. #Y: August 16 (Alone) Genre: Coming of age This is a super fun movie. It's relatable and funny despite the issue they tackled. It's also timely because they were talking about depression and on how the kids of corrupt politicians enjoy the country's money. 59. Pixels: August 28 (Miguel) Genre: Comedy Gosh, the movie was so bad. I can't even. 60. The Breakfast Club: September 4 (Alone)
Genre: Comedy

It's aesthetic! It all took place in one setting yet it's fairly entertaining. The characters all had distinct characteristics and it's very educational. This should be shown in schools. I heard there were a couple of impromptus in the making of this film and I guess it worked, considering the outcome. 

61. Goodnight Mommy: September 3 (Charlie) Genre: Horror One of the best films I've seen this year. I was so excited to watch it so my friend and I bought chips and used a projector in hopes of getting the best experience ever. Yup we prepared for this movie.

62. Sinister 2 : September 13 ( Regine, Karen, Marcelo and partner, Boy2 and partner, Carl, Mick, Andres) Genre: Horror This was scary and the boys were screaming! Haha the cinematography was great and setting too! 63. Minions: September 13 (Alone)
Genre: Animation

It was funny and cute.
64. It Follows: September 20 (Charlie and Danielle) Genre: Horror It's so weird! The cinematography is cool though, and the concept but this movie is not something you can remember after 2 years. It was a weird kind of STD, a ghost had to come along with it. LOL 65. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl: October 10 (Danielle) Genre: Romantic Comedy It's misleadingly sad. My favorite part is the one where he showed the movie he made for the girl and they were both lying down in the hospital bed. The movie they made was so cool! It was very motivating, I ended up making a short, experimental video out of it. The first part was too dragging for my life but the ending was able to make up for it. It was a very creative film, even the hobbies they were into. The girls room was so beautiful I can live there all year. 66. The Grand Budapest Hotel: October 19 (Danielle) Genre: Comedy The structure is pink and Wes Anderson is the director. There are days when I don't have the energy to watch intellectual films like this or even absorb the humor but I was just curious and it was really entertaining.

67. Inside Out: October 22 (Alone) Genre: Animation This movie is driving me nuts. Now I'm overthinking again. Kids should watch this. It's a wonderful way to explain mental illness (I mean it can be used as a tool or something) and on how things work, I like it. 68. Shake, Rattle and Roll 15: October 24 (Alone) Genre: Horror I had a good laugh with this movie! It was so fun to watch. It was very entertaining too! I had so much fun. 69. Para sa Hopeless Romantic: October 25 (Alone) Genre: Romance Superficial. 70. Scooby Doo and the Creepy Scarecrow: November 1 (Danielle) Genre: Cartoons I'm gonna download all Scooby Doo movies because I love them to death. By the way, I have the complete "Scooby Doo, Where are you?" series because childhood! 71. The Theory of Everything: November 1 (Danielle) Genre: Biography I found it depressing and inspiring at the same time. I'm glad they still found love after all those struggles. It's such a sad movie and it embodies the saying; "nothing's impossible."

72. Alvin and the Chipmunks, Meet the Wolfman: November 1 (Danielle) Genre: Cartoons Alvin and I have so much in common when I was younger! I have always been a monster fanatic yet I was a scaredy cat back when I was a kid. I also like plays and I was the noisy one in the house, the hyperactive kid. This was my favorite before and I still watch it up to now if I'm bored. This is so entertaining. Also, I can still memories each song in that movie. I'm dying to get a hold of Alvin's book called "Monster Book of Monster Facts."  
73. Ghost: November 13 (Ana) Genre: Crime, Romance I don't know why I found it very sad? Anyway I love how it ended. Demi Moore's hair is on fleek! 74. MEAN GIRLS: November 13 (Ana) Genre: Comedy, Chick Flick This film will always top my list because it's so fetch. Every line in the movie is caption worthy and it still cracks me up regardless of the number of times I have watched it. The film is timeless and we still acknowledge its existence on October 3rd. If by chance, anyone in this planet has not seen this movie, I'm sorry but.. YOU CANT SIT WITH US. 75. Frankenweenie: November 13 (Ana) Genre: Animation A film by Tim Burton, what do you expect? I love this guy! He makes the best films. This is a cute black and white cartoon. Funny and super cute. 76. A Christmas Horror Story: November 18 (Carl, Mick, Regine) Genre: Horror Meh. Okay lang. 77. Cinema Paradiso: November 23 (Classmates) Genre: Drama The film was depressing but hopeful at the same time. It depicts passion in the artistic manner and it shows how powerful films can be, or perhaps the love for film. Everything revolves around the protagonist and the movie clearly reveals the impact of cinema in Toto's life. It has given so much importance of the theater, which I believe, is symbolic for something. The film screams how the theater is "more than just a structure" and I completely agree — a theater is a temporary escape from whatever it is we refuse to face. 78. Mocking Jay 2: November 30 (Bernard) Genre: Science Fiction I kept asking him what's happening considering that I was very confused. I haven't read the book but I've seen every movie. I still couldn't understand it completely. It was nice but it wasn't the boom we've been waiting for. Catching Fire is still my favorite.

79. No Escape: December 4 (Alone) Genre: Action, Thriller My yaya suggested that I should watch this movie. I freaked out. It's like I don't want to travel anymore. It makes you feel super contented on where you are right now. This is a great movie. 80. The Book of Life: December 5 (Alone) Genre: Animation It's so cute! The graphics were different and it teaches kids that bullfighting is bad. I know it's culture but it's still animal violence. The make characters were supposed to fight over Maria? I think it was Maria, but then they didn't really "fight". If you have kids, or live with kids, let them see this movie. 81. The Devil Wears Prada: December 7 (Alone) Genre: Comedy This is a very inspiring movie. It's fun and really really cute. I wonder why it took me too long to watch it. A thing I've learned? Always look good. It will take you places. 82. The Little Prince: December 9 (Alone) Genre: Cartoons It's French and I cried so hard while watching this movie. The soundtrack is a tear jerker. It's different, and sad. The ending's okay, it's all going to be fine in the end. 83. Vertigo: December 14 (Classmates) Genre: Psychological thriller We watched it during our Film Appreciation class. 84. Dilim: December 16 (Alone) The plot is nice and it was kinda creepy because it was a dormitory and I've experienced being the only resident left in my floor, I swear the doors of my neighbors were all open and empty. I had to take a bath with the lights off in my room.

85. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: December 18 (Alone) Genre: Fantasy Please take the oompa loompas away! The presentations they give are so tiring. I had to skip these parts, I just couldn't stand it. I fell asleep in the middle of the movie so I had to put it back to where I dozed off. I wonder why it took me so long to watch it. 86. Relaks, it's just pag-ibig: December 18 (Alone) Genre: Romance Feel good movie! It's better than Para sa Hopeless Romantic. The ending was kinda boring though but the characters were all funny in their own way, like Cupcake and Manong and the things Cupcake does for her Josh. They were all perfect for their role, and it was fun. The soundtrack was pretty good too. It was fresh! 87. The Scorch trials : December 19 (Alone) Genre: Science Fiction I don't like Star Wars, I also don't plan to watch ANY of their movies. I used to think that Star Wars was the definition of Sci-fi. I always the genre had something to do with space. But then there's The Maze Runner and other dystopian movie hanging around and I love the squad in Maze Runner. They're all hotties. This is one of my favorite dystopian movie. 88. Maggie: December 19 (Alone) Genre: Horror, Drama What a depressing horror movie, like super depressing. The setting is great though. The color and the gloom it entails, superb. Regardless, it's too sad for my life. I remember begging bae to watch it with me last year but then I kinda forgot about it and thank God I did. 89. One more Chance: December 2 (Alone) Genre: Romance My ex a long time ago, cried because of this movie. And they keep re-watching it. What. Wait what. Which part of the movie made you cry? It's entertaining but I couldn't feel anything at all. 

90. Bridesmaids: December 20 (Danielle) Genre: Comedy We just had to watch this after the previous movie. It was bearable, funny and relatable at times but her misfortunes were kinda off? Anyway, it was fun enough to get our minds off the previous movie. 91. Crazy, beautiful you: December 22 (Alone) Genre: Romance and Drama It's a beautiful film, very beautiful. It's about family, photography, second chances and charity in such a peaceful setting. Teenagers should watch it because it inspires you to help and cherish your family members. It makes you feel like you're really blessed. It's a happy movie but there's so much crying in it. I felt bad when Daniel asked his father, "Anong itatawag ko sa iyo? Tatay, Daddy etc etc." So much feels here and less romance. Haha! A great Filipino film! 92. Chainmail: December 24 (Janssen and Regine) Genre: Horror It was not boring but it wasn't scary either. The movie dragged along and the plot isn't exactly ideal and all. 93. Descendants : December 24 (Janssen and Regine) Genre: Musical These disney films are getting boring. This movie sucked. I miss the good ones like camp rock, princess protection program and the legendary, High School Musical.  

94. Stanford Prison Experiment: December 25. (Danielle) Genre: Thriller It was disturbing, plus it's based on a true story which makes it even more disturbing. It was a very smart psychological thing and a lot has happened even for about 5 days. It's like unleashing the inner monster and that you don't actually know what you're capable of. It was freaky. It was also different. 95. We are your friends: December 25 (Danielle) Genre:Music I'm so excited for Sinulog! The scene after Zac took some drugs was amazing. It's scientific though. I'm a sucker for these kinds of music so yeah, great film Zac, love you forevs. I expected much from the movie and it got kinda boring na by 24:36. This is not really a feel good movie okay? Broken dreams here and there, so I'm like, how do you become successful? Sheer luck and hard work? 96. The Visit: December 26 (Regine and Janssen) Genre: Horror My friend thinks it's going to be a great film because it's produced by Blumhouse Production. I thought so too. Anyway, this film was disturbing in a way that the grandmother acted weird and she looks so strange. It was scary in a different kind of way and the plot twist was wicked! It made us all scream plus the build up is so intense.

If you want suggestions or if you have questions regarding movies, feel free to send me a message or leave your comments below. 

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