It's more than just a color

2:24 AM

Red symbolizes love and hate at the same time. Both strong words yet people throw it around like it's nothing. 
Red is the sunset, the flames, the warmth that engulfed us, as we lay in the sand waiting for justice to find you


Red is passion, your passion, the activities you will never trade for anyone. Red is the color of the blisters you had in pursuit of that passion. 
Red, the lucky underwear, the pumps that took you places, that lipstick, the shirt he wore on your first date. It is the stain on his cheeks after you kissed him good bye, the stain on your cheeks every time you hear his name, his voice. 
Red, the drop of blood after pricking your finger on the rose he gave, who would've thought love came along with pain?

Red, one of your favorite plays. The play that made you think about your rationality. The color of your favorite paint brush, yet the acrylic tube you rarely use.
Red is energy, enthusiasm, the adrenaline rush after jumping off the cliff, straight into the water. It is the color of your pet crab when you were 8.

Red, the thick blood gushing out when you fell, trying to save them.
Red, the wine color, the drink he got you the first time you met in the bar
Red, the bouquet of roses he handed, the sash you won, the certificates you've garnered. It is also the ink you were so scared of when you were younger because it can either make you or break you.

Red, the rage, anger, the fire in your eyes, that inner demon after figuring out you weren't good enough. Yet red is that sweet revenge you never regretted. 
Red is the color of your shattered heart, the cuts, the bruises after falling real hard without anyone there trying to catch you. 
Yet red, is love, it symbolizes bravery, the guts to start all over; to jump without assurance, but mere hope, that you will fly.

Dress: Zara
Heels: So Fab

Photo By: Danielle Gaston

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