How I survived thesis and finals yet still managed to do what I wanted

6:35 PM

 Disclaimer: You will only get a max of 6 hours, sorry but you kinda have to sacrifice sleep. 

So I did sacrifice sleep a little and still managed to be happier and in control of my life. It was crazy, the thesis paper was jammed to 4 months. It would have sufficed if we didn't have anything else to do. We could have done everything earlier either, but chose not to because a 20 something  usually opts to do things "later". I was however blessed to have worked with 3 people who were as "dedicated" (I cringe at the word) as I was, so it was not much of a burden at all.

 So how did I manage to watch movies in the middle of the day, tutor a Korean at night, write a book, work for a school paper, read, color, go to Cebu during the weekend and party till dawn? Oh idk, time management. But really though, how? These are the techniques I'd share based on my own and someone else's experiences.

1. Do what you have to do ASAP. Don't wait for the weekend, weekend are supposed to be for beaches and all the nice things in the world. I get it, you're tired after a very long day, so let's not lose the streak, continue to do it and be more tired. You'll be happier during the weekend, promise. 
2. Don't postpone things just for a task. (Example: ditching tutorials because you have exams the next day) I suggest you don't sacrifice anything, we're young, we're a ball of energy! We shouldn't be lazy. 
3. PRIORITIES. This is by far the most effective technique, setting priorities.

4. Set rewards. I have to finish everything within the week since I'm leaving on Friday, or I will buy that coloring book as soon as I finish all these articles. 
5. Focus on the task to finish fast. This is something I can't really do, focus. But I have this classmate and she always finishes first too, and she's focused. 
6. Sleep at night, that's it. Lights off by 12. Doing my tasks till dawn isn't really effective to me, nights are for sleeping, days are for working. It depends though, maybe you're an owl. Keep in mind that most successful people are actually the early birds. 

7. Don't waste your time online. Stop stalking people. (I am guilty though, of being on Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram while making the paper. Oh well, multitasking.) 
8. If it's a useless conversation, exit immediately. So I was chatting with this guy whom I never even officially met and I knew nothing good was ever coming out of it and he was complaining with my one liners so I just had to stop. If you think the conversation is pointless, do something else. 
9. Clean as you go. This way, you never have to allot time just for cleaning. 
10. Make lists. Yes, I am supper OC so, I just have to. This will keep track of everything. This is what you should always do first. 

I can proudly say that I was able to do what I want and what I had to do, all on the same time without sacrificing any task whatsoever. It's all in the mind I guess? My close friends and classmates have been commenting on how I was a "multitasker" and on how I do everything all at the same time. Maybe this is what happens when you're easily distracted? When you have a fly's attention span. Mind you, I have been gazing outside the window for the whole semester. I am a mass of disorganized thoughts. Luckily, I got through it. 

You will, too. 

(My favorite piece of clothing will always be rompers, I mean I have 3 posts already, wearing rompers from Forever21. They're just like dresses except they're more comfy.) 

Cap: Adidas
Romper: Forever 21
Accessories: Forever 21
Shoes: Nike Internationalist. 

Photo by: Regine Ong

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