Please remove this from your bucket list.

8:58 AM

This was during my trip to Cambodia last July. Riding an elephant ranked 23rd in my bucket list and now I was able to crash it out. I often thought that it would just remain a dream. Seeing the elephants was already breathtaking. This is an experience I will never forget.

3:01-3:33 of my Cambodia Video! CLICK HERE!

I am an advocate for animals. I would always pick an environmental campaign that evolved around animals, but after reading some articles I found online. Riding the elephant was my biggest mistake. Sure, it was part of my bucket list, I've always wanted to see an elephant, let alone ride on it. But by that mere act, I was already part of the percent that encouraged animal cruelty. I cried after reading these articles, these creatures has given us so much happiness in a small amount of time, yet we were an addition to it's burden. 

To enlighten you on what happens to them, here are articles that you should consider reading:

"We are writing this blogpost, to make you aware of this and hope that you do not make the same mistake we did. Please do not support the elephant riding in Cambodia and Thailand because as far as I’ve researched, these are the places where elephants immensely suffer. If there is less demand, there will be less supply and we will save more elephants from this in the future."
 -Vern and Verniece

Be a part of the remaining percent of people who are against animal cruelty. This is your chance to give an animal a better life, please remove this from your bucket list. 

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