What if you met your soulmate but he loved to clap when the plane lands?

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In the midst of all the overwhelming thesis requirements, I came upon this post on Instagram that stated: "What if you met your soulmate but he loved to clap when the plane lands?" Then I was like, whaaaaat. I don’t know if I should take this literally or the other way, but I bet it’s sad.

I don’t know why my group mates and I made a big fuss about it.  See how a vague statement shapes up an individual’s way of thinking.  

  Too glam to give a damn 

What is this icky stuff?

Charlemagne: Feel nako, mura rana shag kanang tawo sa field nga mu clap pag nay mulanding na airplane. 

Leslie: Di pud na kanang mga stewardess? (Wow sha ray naka think nga ang ga clap naas sulud)

Me:  I think soldier ni sha, clapping his hands after seeing their fighter plane land safely.

See how varied interpretations can be? It’s somehow a reflection of the way we perceive things or our past experiences. And If you’re wondering how I came to think the man clapping was a soldier is because it would pain me so much to end up with a soldier, I mean there is nothing unfortunate with that but I find it very sad. I wouldn’t want to be worried 24/7 with my husband’s whereabouts, crying every night and clinging with hope; a simple businessman would suffice. To all army wives out there, I completely salute your courage, strength and composure.

 I somehow wish a book had 2 or more movies, I wish it was some kind of requirement so that people would see different versions and see what floats their boat or idk, do you get me? It would’ve been cooler.  


(When my dad saw my cousin taking photos, he cut a flower and gave it to me saying "act natural". I found it really funny and sweet that he actually thought of that, Dad has been the most supportive guy EVER.)

Top: Wow Them Boutique
Bottom: Cotton On
Necklace: Spain (Thanks dear cousin)

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