Endless or temporary jubilation

10:38 PM

This post is for new beginnings and happy endings,the nights that never end. This is for the blessed and the cursed, the brokenhearted and the heart breaker. This is for underdeveloped friendships and for the ones who lasted for more than a year. This post is for my rage and confusion of what could have and should have happened. This post will scream, because that is something I can't do. This is for all hope lost, something that might take years to restore. This post is for life deteriorating. This is for the dark clouds that wouldn't rain, the constant thunder ringing in my ears, the deafening music, the security of darkness. This post is for all the broken promises and the 'what ifs' that's pulling me down to sink. Here I am, drowning in a sea of people, sinking to a particular person. I dance and shake the pain away, it doesn't.  Parties; are indeed, the ultimate escape and distraction. What happens in the jungle doesn't always remain there. 

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