7:27 PM

Summersault (Noun & verb) 
archaic spelling of somersault |sēmēr,sôlt| 
Basically, my summer.

Summer taught me how to be independent since I had to live in the metro because of my internship. It was actually fun while it lasted, but kinda tiring too — living in a different city having to do everything by yourself. I’m not gonna talk about what transpired during those two months, for it will take more than just a blog post, it was a different kind of adventure for me this time.

Ever since I got out from the city I was in, opportunities started spreading like wildfire. I saw life in a different ray of light. When you're away from home, or let's say, when you live alone, you don't have anyone but yourself so you have to be a tough cookie since crumbling down will be a waste of time. If you want to be street smart, travel. It's the best teacher.

I’m not a social butterfly and I'm not big with meeting new people but there are tons of interesting individuals out there, so much story to tell and it's a shame if we don't even make an effort to get acquainted. I met new mentors, made friends with people beyond my age, got acquainted to teenagers and so on.

After getting a wee bit older, I've realized that it's better to spend your money on experience rather than material things. Like instead of buying your 12th pair of shoes, why not go on a trip? Material things might serve you for a short while but memories are something you can hold on to forever.

Okaaaay so how will I end this? I don't wanna wrap up my summer escapades, there's just so much to say and my heads a mess right now. But here's my string of thoughts: Always be thankful for the comfortable life you're in, despite all those nasty situations, you have food, a roof, clothes and so much more, be thankful for that. Try to live in a different city, it changes you. If you plan to move, never be a pushover— that is by far, the worst thing you can be, practice self respect. Be tough, you're alone now. The most important one is to learn how to budget, well ain’t this basic?

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