Insidious 3

8:07 PM

No spoilers, promise

I've been a horror aficionado since I was like 5? Yeah, used to spend the entire Halloween lying around watching television with my primo because our favorites were on. Looking back, Scooby Doo topped my list of favorite cartoons. If you want a list of must-watch scary movies, just ask.

(Watch Insidious 1 and 2 first, if you haven't. I also suggest that you watch this film in the movie house.)

Insidious 3 was by far, the scariest movie I have ever seen. It was also the best, all praises here. The movie was a prequel of the first Insidious and you kinda have to watch the first two for a more satisfying experience. The movie only lasted for about, 97 minutes? It was kinda short! It felt like I was riding this roller coaster. Subtle jump-scares were present in the movie DUH, but there were scary scenes that dragged along, leaving the audiences to scream for quite some time. There was so much action in the film, really entertaining. After the movie, my friend and I were like "psssss, at least there were no bathroom scenes" but then that pang of realization hit us and we were like "oh shit, but everything happened in the bedroom". The last part made my eyes glassy, the film injected some emotional scenes at the end, so there you have it, a roller coaster of emotions.

The trailer was bad, I thought the movie would suck, but then after watching the new trailer, I felt super excited because it already freaked me out. I always had high expectations with Insidious because of the "legacy" it's trying to build. Expectations were met, it was worth the wait. My friends and I made it a point to watch the last full show on the date it was released. If this is the last insidious, they surely did end it with a bang. I slept with the lights open.

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